The Mid-Season LoL Streamathon is here to help

In the middle of the worldwide halt, esports has hit a bit of a slump. Although not nearly as much as traditional sports, esports has seen some difficulty. Lots of events have been cancelled or postponed, quite a few leagues have suffered setbacks in scheduling. That isn’t to say that there haven’t also been additional events taking place. Online events are now a daily occurance and one of those is the Riot-sponsored Streamathon that’s about to happen.

Mid Season Streamathon Schedule

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Riot Games steps up

This isn’t the first type of relief effort event the company has made. In fact, they’ve already donated about $4.5 million USD globally for relief causes. This is just the latest of their contributions – and it’s one that’s open to fans as well. Naturally it’s great to see so many talented gamers, casters, influencers and participants step up and get together for this international mega event. There’s something for everyone for sure. You can watch the whole event (or the parts you’re most interested in at least) on Twitch and Youtube. It’ll be streamed in various different languages on both regional channels and the official Riot and League channels. Check the official website or @lolesports for more information on who is streaming what and where – that way, you won’t miss out.

48 hours Streamathon programming

From May 29th until May 31st, there will be 48 hours of non-interrupted streaming from all around the world. Several mini-events will also happen as part of the overall stream.  The events will start at 4 pm GMT+8 on the 29th, and they will run all the way until 10 pm GMT+8 on the 31st. These events include a continental battle between European teams, some influencers duking it out, and even a mid-season showdown between the top LPL and LCK teams.

There is no shortage of content, all with the support of LoL partners like Red Bull, Mastercard, State Farm. The Streamathon’s schedule still has some mystery in it. The kick-off to the event has been announced as containing ‘special guests’ but no details yet on just who they are.

Following the kick-off will be a series of local events – first a tournament between Oceania teams Legacy Esports and OPL All-Stars, then the Chinese and Korean Mid-Season Cup Semifinals, followed by the European Faceoff.

Even more events

After all that, it’s the Russian & CIS turn – with an All-Star variety show and a Brazilian showdown between Kami and Yoda. Following that are Latin American and Japanese exhibition tournaments respectively.

On day 3, Turkey will see a match between some casters and reigning champs, before the continuation of the Chinese and Korean finals. The rest of Southeast Asia will also have their mid-season showdown, before the European finals bring it all home. The last two items on the plan are some North American pro exhibition matches. Finally, an end of show finale complete with some flashbacks to the best moments of the stream.

During the whole event, fan donations will be tallied up and then distributed by Riot Games and their Social Impact Fund. They will be allocated to help out organizations like ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund and the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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