Mordekaiser: rework of the Iron Revenant

One of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Mordekaiser has finally received some attention from Riot. Let’s be honest, before Riot intended to rework him, rarely anyone ever touched this champion, with even less knowing the complexities of his entire kit, and why he receives insane amounts of healing. This rework makes Mordekaiser seem a lot more interesting, while keeping his identity as a heavy damage dealer.


© Riot Games

Passive, Darkness Rise – Auto attacks deals bonus magic damage to enemies. Following the use of three spells or auto attacks, the bonus damage is dealt to nearby minions, monsters and champions, also granting Mordekaiser movement while in combat.

Q, Obliterate – Mordekaiser slams the mace, damaging enemies nearby his initial target. However, if only a single target is present, bonus damage is applied.

W, Indestructible – This ability has simplified the workings of Mordekaiser’s heal. Grey health is generated upon 25% of all damage dealt and damage taken. Casting the ability the first time will convert this grey health into a shield. However, Mordekaiser can recast the E in order to transform half of his shield to health.

E, Death’s Grasp – Passive grants Mordekaiser 25% magic penetration. This enables Mordekaiser to shred tanks in the top lane, especially in the late game. Casting E will form a claw that moves towards him, enemies hit will be dealt magic damage and dragged towards Mordekaiser.

R, Realm of Death – Mordekaiser targets a single champion for 7 second, forcing both into a 1 v 1, while also temporarily stealing some of their core stats. If Mordekaiser wins the 1 v 1, he will keep the temporary stat boost until they respawn. This ability will allow Mordekaiser to easily survive ganks, with a wide margin to outplay enemies in a 1 v 2.