NA LCS Finals match prediction

Team SoloMid vs. 100 Thieves – Third place match (Day 1)

While Team SoloMid did recover slightly compared to their display in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split and Spring Playoffs, they were unable to make it to this Summer Playoff finals match. Team SoloMid, unfortunately, dropped the ball on their final game in their best of five series against arch-rivals, Cloud9. TSM made some serious mistakes and went in full tilt at the thirteenth minute of game 5.

The 100 Thieves put up a fair fight against Team Liquid, taking the first game against Liquid, quite an achievement considering that Team Liquid are currently regarded as the top team in the region. While the Thieves did lose their semi-finals match in the end, they remain an extremely strong force.

Considering TSM’s recent tilt and the Thieves’ solid performance, 100 are favoured to take third place this series.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 34% | 100 Thieves 66%


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Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid – Finals match (Day 2)

Considering Cloud9’s early slow start to the split, they have seriously picked up their performance and they have demonstrated that they are a strong contender as this Summer split’s champion. That said, Cloud9 remains weaker compared to their former glory days.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, has consistently shown amazing strength, only dropping a single game in their best of five series in the semi-finals match against the 100 Thieves. Their ability to take down the 100 Thieves without major contest is a testament to Team Liquid’s prowess.

Team Liquid will most likely take down Cloud9. Given Team Liquid’s ability to scale into the mid to later game, they will have victory, as they are known not for dominating the early game, but their late-game team fighting and shot calls.

Cloud9’s path to victory would be controlling the early game by stomping out Svenskeren out of the jungle.