League of Legends NA LCS Quarterfinals predictions

The end of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split is approaching with the arrival of the semifinals. The semifinals will take play across two days, the first being a battle against FOX and TSM, while the second features 100 and FQ.

Echo Fox vs. Team SoloMid – Day 1

Echo Fox and Team SoloMid are currently tied, going 10-8 in the regular season and 1-1 in the recent tie breakers. While Team SoloMid have definitely improved compared to their performance at the beginning of the split, they are still lacking.

Huni Echo fox

Image Credits: Riot Games

Echo Fox had defeated Team SoloMid, taking first blood at just 6 minutes, while TSM got a return kill, this fiasco took place due to TSM’s slow rotation towards their own jungle side. TSM continue to lack team synergy as they had in the past, this truly has reflected on their game play.

Prediction: Echo Fox 65% | Team SoloMid 35%

100 Thieves vs. Fly Quest – Day 2

In the regular season, the two teams were very close, also both finishing week 9 with a 10-8 standing. However, the recent tie breakers has seriously set the teams apart, the 100 Thieves finishing undefeated, while Fly Quest dropped their two games. While FQ did fall to the thieves, it was by no means a decisive loss, the thieves mainly securing the win due to a smite steal in the baron pit at 29 minutes.

The thieves were ahead, but struggled in the mid to later game, almost completely throwing their lead. That said, 100 Thieves are still slightly favoured, their win over Echo Fox in game four of the tiebreakers showing their dominance.

Prediction: 100 Thieves 55% | Fly Quest 45%

Possible finals match up discussion

Assuming Echo Fox and the 100 Thieves proceed through to the finals match, Echo Fox are slightly favoured. Echo Fox look more consistent as a team and recognise their win condition better compared to the thieves. The last two weeks of the regular season saw the 100 Thieves become a little shaky, disappointing considering their strong showing throughout the rest of the split.