NA Scouting Grounds Draft: Winners and Losers

Another edition of the Scouting Grounds is in the books. With this year’s draft picks already decided it’s time to take a look at the teams that bolstered or broke down their squads with their new rookie acquisitions.

Winners: Clutch Gaming, Team SoloMid, Team Liquid

Clutch Gaming might have made the most concise grab at talent with this Scouting Grounds draft class as they picked up Team Ocean duo Palafox and Vulcan. Palafox had a fruitful tournament as he got sky-high KDA’s on virtually every champion with Vulcan alley-ooping kills with stellar Support play. The duo will continue their synergy on CG, look for good things to come.


Team Liquid and TSM drafted future starlets at ADC and Mid that have huge potential to grow under the starters on each team. Doublelift LoL teaching a patient and humble player like Value the mechanics and skill needed to be great will develop a player with supreme talent to succeed. Bjergsen coaching a talent like Ablazeolive in Mid is going to be extremely beneficial for a player with such raw potential, look for these names to shine bright once their numbers are called.

Losers: Cloud 9, Golden Guardians, 100 Thieves

Cloud 9 might’ve given up too much for too little this draft class, although League was an excellent pick for first round, Ash and Blaberfish2 were hardly the best players in their position, time will tell if C9 Jack really does have a master plan to succeed.


Golden Guardians not picking up any talent for their less than stellar bot lane in a rich bot lane draft class will leave fans scratching their heads down the stretch this season. 100 Thieves picked up a promising talent in Kaizen, but it’s hard to envision a scenario where he can grow given the dominance of Ssumday in his position.