Naafiri receives minor hotfix one day after her release

Naafiri, the newest LoL champion, is getting a hotfix with minor nerfs to put her in a more balanced state.

naafiri hotfix

Image Credits | Riot Games

Naafiri hotfix is already on the live servers

Game designer Riot Raptorr announced the Naafiri hotfix with a post on Twitter. He stated that while they are happy with the “shape of where she’s landing”, she feels a bit too strong in the mid lane, thus the decision to make a micro patch and nerf her slightly. Her win rate is around 54% in average MMR, and knowing that the number is expected to go up as players master her, they want to tune her down before that happens.

He also added that Naafiri has been a bit too weak in the jungle, and that they will explore options to buff her up for Patch 13.15. “She’s currently not having the best time in that role, with a Day 1 WR of 45% in average MMR, 41.8% in elite,” he said. But considering the high amount of games played as a jungler, they want to push her viability going forward, even though they still want to prioritize her as a jungler.

Due to her ability to play solo lane, people have also tried her as a situational pick in the top lane. Even though her win rate is in an alright position, her pick rate is not high enough to make a judgment.

Top Dog – We figured that top lane would be a situational pick for her, and very matchup dependent. There’s a lot of bruisers and tanks up there that can shrug off her damage. She’s currently sitting in an alright position there with 50.7% WR in normal MMR, and 48.1% in elite, but her top pick rate is not high.

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Number changes for Naafiri micropatch

Overall, Riot is happy with how she is shaping up, but they are making some adjustments to reduce some of her win rates, especially in average MMR. Below you can find all the changes (which are already live):

  • Movement Speed: 340 ⇒ 335
  • Q bleed damage: 30/65/100/135/170 + 80% Bonus AD ⇒ 30/60/90/120/150 + 80% Bonus AD – Damage to minions: 70% ⇒ 60%
  • Passthrough Damage: 35/55/75/95/115 + 70% bonus AD ⇒ 35/50/65/80/95 + 60% bonus AD
  • E Explosion Damage: 65/105/145/185/225 + 100% bonus AD ⇒ 65/100/135/170/205 + 90% bonus AD
  • AD Boost: 10/20/30 (+15/20/25%) ⇒ 5/15/25 (+8/16/24%).

Riot Raptorr explained that the Q nerf has been done to tune down her level 9 spike, as well as wave clearing. For her E and ultimate, on the other hand, they want to nerf her mid game spike, which is too strong for them. In particular, he stated that even a small item advantage can make a huge difference for Naafiri, so that is why they are lowering her damage across the board at that stage.

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