League of Legends NA LCS Semi-finals match predictions

Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid – Day 1

Having defeated Echo Fox in an extremely close best of five series, Team SoloMid has moved on to the semi-finals of the 2018 NA LCS Summer split. Cloud9 finished second play in the regular season of the summer split, as a result, got allocated a reserved spot in the semis.

Team Solo Mid

This match is a clash between one of the oldest and most well-known rivalries in not only the NA LCS, but the world. These two teams have always been going at it, trading wins back and forth. Both Cloud 9 and Team Solomid had slow starts this season, however, C9 and TSM have dramatically improved. Judging by Team Solomid’s close call match with Echo Fox, it is unlikely they will be able to take down Cloud 9 this split.

Prediction: Cloud 9 65% | Team SoloMid 35%

Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves – Day 2

Team Liquid are the reigning NA LCS Playoff champions, having taken the top spot in this year’s Spring split playoffs. TL also finished off the 2018 NA LCS Summer split regular season as the top team, going 12-6. This is a dramatic increase in performance compared to this time last year, where they were seriously struggling at the bottom ends of the ladder. 100 Thieves continue to have a strong showing since their entry to the NA LCS earlier this year in the Spring split.

The Team Liquid and 100 Thieves match will be a close one. However, the advantage for this match will go to Liquid as their players have more experience in higher level play with former world champion Impact, and NA’s best ADC, Doublelift. That said, the Thieves are by no means any pushovers having constantly shown excellent performance with their multiple top three finishes.

Prediction: Team Liquid 58% | 100 Thieves 42%