New LoL Coven Skins Leaked and Trailer release

After being one of the most loved skin lines in LoL, Riot is planning to bring Coven skins back, alongside a trailer to showcase them.

LoL Coven Skins

Image Credits | Riot Games

LoL Coven Skins – Which new champions will get it?

Even though we haven’t gotten the leaked looks of the new skins, content creator and leaker BigBadBear told us which champions will be receiving a coven skin. There will be five champions in total:

  • Coven Nilah
Coven nilah

Image Credits: Riot Games

  • Coven Elise
Coven elise

Image Credits: Riot Games

  • Coven Syndra
Coven syndra

Image Credits: Riot Games

  • Coven Nami
Coven nami

Image Credits: Riot Games

  • Coven Akali (+ Prestige Edition)
Coven akali

Image Credits: Riot Games

BigBadBear also mentioned how one of them might be getting a legendary skin. This was later confirmed by SkinSpotlights on Twitter that it’s going to be Nami who will receive the legendary skin. Akali will be getting a Prestige version as well.

It’s not surprising that the Coven skin line features all females since it already had champions like Evelynn and Camille from the previous releases. There will be, however, one more skin being released, which is going to be “Old God Mordekaiser”.

Coven Skin line – Trailer will be released today

While rumors about having new Coven skins this year were in the air for quite a while, it looks like we will be getting a special trailer for the occasion. According to SkinSpotlights, the trailer will be released later today, September 25, at around 16:00 BST (17:00 CET).

It’s still unsure what the video will be about, but we’re certain that all the champions will be featured, including Mordekaiser. Considering the trailer is coming out, we should also expect the Coven skin line to be introduced to the game soon, most likely in the upcoming Patch 13.19 or 13.20. Nothing is confirmed as of now, though, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, it’s building up to be an explosive last three months for 2023. Worlds is coming up as well so make sure to check out our wiki page to stay up to date!

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