Year in Review – Overview of the newest Riot Games feature

Another year set to pass as Season 7 comes to an end. With Riot’s newest in game feature ‘Year in review’ it’s time to reflect on some of the most interesting stats from 2017.

7 Billion Teemo mushrooms

Teemo hasbeen one of the most beloved, and most hated, champions in the game, many considering him to be the ‘devil’ of the rift. This year has seen nothing new, while Teemo isn’t active on competitive, it remains a popular pick in normals and the occasional ranked game. With an astounding seven billion mushrooms placed, there is no doubt millions have ‘lost their minds’, stepping into a brush losing half of their health, or even dying to the deadly spores.

4.1 Billion Minion tower kills

For some bizarre reason, players continue to ignore last hitting the towers, losing a large amount of gold every game, especially if they back prior to its destruction. Remember, last hitting and staying close to towers will give you MORE gold.


Most honoured champion – Soraka

It’s no surprise that Soraka has been given the medal for the most honoured champion. Not only is she regarded the ‘ambulance’ of the game, constantly running at supersonic speeds to get that last second heal, JUST managing to save her teammates, she is also able to turn team fights around with the AoE silence (what is AOE in games?). Good on ya Soraka players, keep it up!

217.8 Million Ardent Censer purchases

Riot has revealed almost 220 Million Ardent Censers were bought throughout all of its game modes. This comes as little surprise considering League of Legends’ 2017 meta was widely dominated by the ‘Ardent Censer’ meta which lasted throughout worlds. If you were able to catch worlds, you would have seen EVERY single support player rushing the item, some ADCs even being forced into being relic shield to funnel gold to the support for a quicker Ardent. Ardent Censer is truly a broken item, even after it was nerfed to ease its effectiveness in the early game, it remain a popular pick amongst all support that can activate it.

Year in Review


Riot has constructed a funky tool that allows players to view not only their own achievements, but the achievements of others. By keying in your name in the website, it’ll show: what season you started in, when you completed placements, references to special games you’ve done well in, highest win rate champion, match history of your longest game and various other champion and game stats.