Pantheon rework – Essence kept, yet highly improved.

Pantheon had initially been released over nine and a half years ago, with no significant change to his kit since then. This had made Pantheon a fairly stagnant and basic champion. While there were players who managed to play Pantheon to an extremely high level (Keegun), he had a low pick rate across the various divisions and servers. Like many of the older champions that were neglected by players, like old Urgot and Mordekaiser, Riot has decided to rework the champion to give it new lift.

Pantheon, League of Legends champion

© Riot Games

However, unlike other reworks in the past, the reworked Pantheon abilities have kept an extremely familiar feel and essence. In Riot’s Pantheon redesign video, while they mentioned of experimentation of completely changing his play style, they rather opted to keep what players currently know and love about the champion.

The exact details of the reworked Pantheon have yet to be released, that said, the Pantheon rework video does include a number of clips leaking the new skills. Judging from the video, Q remains a spear ability, dealing damage to enemy champions. Tapping will deal damage to a short range towards the cursor, while holding it down will allow the spear to be thrown as a projectile, similar to Pyke’s Q interaction. W will remain a short gap closer, stunning a single target. E will continue to deal damage in a cone shape toward the cursor, but now allow Pantheon to slightly move while the ability is active. Additionally, Pantheon will shield towards the same direction, likely reducing damage taken. Pantheon’s signature ultimate has been slightly changed, dealing area of effect damage in-between the location of Pantheon’s jump channel and target location.

It is likely we will first see Pantheon in the PBE patch 9.16. Stay in tune for a more in-depth Pantheon guide and overview when he has been officially released.