League partner chromas to be available for Blue Essence

Roughly a month ago, Riot decided to release the League of Legends Partnership program in an effort to grow the audience of Riot certified or approved streamers. This program granted them exclusive giveaway opportunities, where fully exclusive skin chromas would then be used at the streamers or content creators discretion. As an upside, partnered streamers and content creators would be able to grow their audience, giving new viewers the opportunity to win these exclusive skin chromas.


© Riot Games

On the downside, as these skin chromas were solely exclusive to the League of Legends Partnership program, many in the community would have missed those out. This was especially devastating for hard core collectors in the game, a group of people who aim to acquire every skin and chroma. This prompted a Reddit post which gained thousands of upvotes, scrutinising the partnership program for shunning hardcore collectors who spend an extraordinary amount of money only to have their collection incomplete.

Recent change

Following the Reddit post, a Rioter immediately replied to the thread mentioning this issue would have been looked into. As part of the new change, these chromas will be available for sale, costing 10,000 Blue Essence each. These will be on sale on the special Blue Essence Emporium, which is expected to arrive roughly in half a year, around the mid season of 2019. This change will allow the chromas to retain their sense of exclusivity for a period of time, as the Blue Essence Emporium will not always be present, while continuing to allow hard core collectors to eventually acquire them.

Note, it costs 10,000 Blue essence solely for the Chroma. Unlike the League Partnership program, this does not include the champion or the original skin, so in the end it’s still better to support your favourite streamers to get the skin without having to spend anything!