League of Legends Patch 8.10 Rundown

League of Legends Patch 8.10 is here and this time, Riot Games is checking out the jungle role and rethinking the way to do kill streak bounties.

Champion changes

League of Legends Patch 8.10

Bard: W (heal pack) mana cost has been reduced from 90 to 70, a great change considering the benefit of a little health previously did not add up to the high 90 mana cost.

Dr. Mundo: R cooldown at all levels has been increased fairly significantly. On top of this, the health cost of the ultimate will be increased from 20% current hp, to 25% current hp. Great change considering Mundo always had his ult up and had been able to use it freely whenever he seemed to need it.

Kindred: Amazing change to Kindred passive. If an ally kills a jungle monster within 6 seconds of Kindred damaging it, Kindred get the stack. This means there’ll be much less griefing/trolling in games, especially by friends/teammates who try steal your jungle stack as they walk past.

Poppy: Base movement speed increased by 5 from 340 to 345.

Sion: Minor change towards his base health regen 10 to 9 hp per second, ignorable change. E has been buffed considerably, while the base damage has been reduced by 5, the AP scaling has been dramatically boosted from 0.4 to 0.55. Even further, the duration of the armor reduction has been increased by roughly 60%. Sion’s R got an updated interaction, where ally azir walls will not no longer stop unstoppable onslaught.

zac patch updates

Zac: W effect dealing 2% of a target’s max health for every 100 AP has been removed. To compensate, the AP scaling on his E jump and R ult has both been increased from 0.7 to 0.9. This overall makes AP Zac much more bursty.

Item changes

Runic Echos: Removed bonus 7% movement speed, a huge nerf to the item. To compensate, Runic Echos now grant 300 bonus mana and 10% cooldown reduction, great stats for AP champions in the jungle.

Warding Totem: Both the ward duration and charging/refresh timer has been increased. This lessens the need for people to ward very often, however, it increases the cost of misplacing a ward, or getting an early ward.

New change – (Support & Jungle Item Exclusivity)

Since both support and jungle items are lost cost in order to help their roles, players can no longer own support items and jungle item at the same time.

shen pulsefire


Big changes regarding kill gold:

One and two kills no longer grants team gold
Three kills grant 200g to the killer
Four kills grant 250g to the killer
Five kills grant 300g to the killer
Six and above adds 25g per kill on top of the 300g

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