Patch 8.11 – A quick rundown

New champion

Pyke has been released in Patch 8.11. As one of the most hyped up champions to date, aiming to completely change the support meta, Riot has responded accordingly, by releasing a set of 7 chromas. Pyke is unbelievably strong and will likely branch out to other lanes outside of support, you can catch a full rundown of his skills here.


Champion changes

Anivia: Cooldown at earlier levels slightly reduced, AP ratio for Q has been increased by 0.05 to 0.45.

Graves: Base attack reduced by 3 and R cooldown increased at level 1 and 2.

Kha Zix: Kha’s ult had been slightly changed. Ultimate cooldown has been decreased at levels 2 and 3 by 5 and 10 seconds respectively. While the stealth duration without the upgrade has been decreased by 0.25, the evolved R will now last a full 2 seconds. In addition, evolving the ult will give 3 casts instead of 2. Unfortunately, to compensate, Kha will no longer get free stealth and movement speed when entering a bush.

Kindred: Passive massively buffed. Mark respawn time down from 50 to 40 seconds, first mark spawn 15 seconds earlier, and assist on all marked camps will grant a stack.

Lee Sin: Energy restoration on passive increased by a fair amount in the mid and late game.

Rakan: Rakan’s survivability has been too strong, Riot has nerfed the Q base healing at all levels. Additionally, the E shield has also been hit with a 10 value reduction at all levels.

Taliyah: Base movement and HP has been increased. Movement in passive increased with “combat lockout” lasting 2 seconds, down from 5. Big changes to Taliyah’s Q, it now no longer deal area of effect damage, however, multiple stones now do full damage to minions. Q cooldown at earlier levels has been reduced a fair amount. W cooldown changed to a flat 12 seconds. E base damage at earlier levels reduced, 50 damage at level 1, down from 70. Wall duration massively reduced to a flat 5 seconds.

Urgot: W can be cast while other abilities are in queue. Urgot will no longer be rooted when executing an enemy with his ultimate.

Viktor: Q discharge damage base damage largely increased at later levels. AP ratio on R buffed from 0.6 to 0.7.

Xin Zhao: Slight nerf to Xin, AD scaling over the game lowered from 3.3 to 3. However, the slow from E has been dramatically reduced from 50% to 30%.

Zyra: Root duration from E increased by 0.25 at all levels.



Stormrazor (NEW)
Cost: 3200
AD: 70
Attack speed: 30%
Unique passive: Refraining from autoing in 3 seconds grants your next auto attack to crit (160% damage + scaling based on crit chance), also gives a slight 10% movement speed for 1.75 seconds.

Infinity Edge (Reworked)
Cost: 3700
AD: 80
Passive: Doubles crit chance
Unique passive: 15% of crit damage will be true damage

Last Whisper (Massive nerf)
Armor pen: Down from 35% of target’s bonus armor to 10% of target’s total armor.