League of Legends Patch notes 8.17

As part of the 8.17 patch, Riot has released the reworked Nunu. It is very likely Nunu will be nerfed considering his considerable pressure on the map, however, at least we can enjoy rolling around the map and destroying the enemies for a few weeks.

Nunu Rework

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Champion changes

Annie: Attack range has been increased by 50, now to 625. Not too great of a buff considering she cs’s with Q anyway.

Bard: Cooldown of his ultimate has been significantly reduced at all levels, quite a good change considering Bard has very limited relevance in the late game without his ult. 130/110/90 > 110/95/80s

Fiora: E has been slightly buffed, with the second crit part having its ratios increased, especially at the earlier levels. Change makes Fiora do a fair bit more damage in early game.

Garen: His lane dominance in the early to mid-game will drop slightly with the Q base damage at later levels has been reduced. 30/65/100/135/170 > 30/60/90/120/150

Irelia: Q dash damage has been increased to minions, from 70% to 100%. Makes it much earlier for Irelia to make plays by kiting around.

Kassadin: Rift walk cooldown has been reduced at earlier levels, from 6/4/2 to 5/3.5/2. While it may not appear to seem very significant, combined with early cooldown reduction, Kassadin becomes a much bigger threat.

Kayn: Kayn’s E active will have its duration raised significantly at earlier levels, however, will remain at 9 seconds at level five. Movement speed at all levels increased by 10%, now to 80%.

Master Yi: Yi’s meditate is rarely effective in the early game. As a result, Riot will be reducing its cooldown as a whole, now to 28 seconds, while its damage reduction at earlier levels has been significantly increased. This change allows Master Yi to have greater sustain in the early game, and execute dives with less risk.

Rengar: Cooldown of R reduced at earlier levels, from 130/100/70 to 110/90/70. Going to be pretty troublesome as Rengar is given the ability to gank and one-shot more.

Varus: Nerf to his early game with his base health going to 499 from 549. To compensate in the later levels, scaling health per level boosted from 86 to 89.

Wukong: Gets 8% bonus attack speed at level 1 to aid Wukong in clearing his early jungle.

Yorick: Mist walkers AD growth reduced at earlier levels by two per level, to prevent a huge nerf in the late game, AD growth has been buffed from level eight onwards by one. Makes Yorick much weaker in the early game.

Item changes

Stormrazor: First crit passive damage reduced, from 160%-200% to 140%-200%, AD also reduced by 5, now to 60. However, attack speed has been buffed by 10%, value wise, Stormrazor has received a buff with emphasis on more consistent damage.

Duskblade: The item’s burst damage at later levels has been reduced by a fair amount, previously 30-200 to 30-150. Riot has compensated the change by increase its lethality stat by 3, currently 21. Large nerf to AD assassins like Zed and Talon which are already fairly weak.