Patch 8.5 – Massive hextech loot change and champion rundown

As usual, this month’s patch notes contains various champion touch ups, but most importantly, there are major hextech loot changes and the release of Kai’sa.

Hextech chest league of legends patch 8.5

Champion Changes

Azir – Q base damage at all levels will be slightly reduced. This aims to weaken Azir’s overly dominant laning phase by tuning down his poke damage.

Galio – Galio has been seriously targeted, lowering his late game poke and wave clearing potential. The Q nerf scales as the skill is levelled up, once maxed, his mana cost has increased by almost 50% while his CD at level five has been increased from six seconds to eight seconds.

Jhin – Passive damage slightly raised at all levels. At max level, Q AD scaling has been increased by 10%, a significant damage boost. Jhin’s mid game will be much stronger.

Nocturne – Healing on passive slightly buffed to improve sustain. Other slight changes include Q speed being increased by around 13% and ultimate having a 50% increased time window to recast.

Olaf – Minor cd / damage changes to E, one second cooldown reduction along with a buff of 0.1 AD ratio at all levels. The biggest change toward’s Olaf would be towards his ult, flat damage will be reduced, instead, 0.3 of Olaf’s total AD damage will be added. This will shift Olaf out of the strictly tanky build that has been clogging the meta.

Rengar – Q damage buffed overall, will roughly add 200 damage in a full burst combo including the empowered cast. Two Rengar bugs also fixed.

Ryze – E damage increased in the early game, however, the AoE damage has been reduced by half. (AOE damage meaning) This will force Ryze to spend longer in clearing waves later in the late game. In addition, Realm warp CD has been increased from 120s to 180s.

Shyvana – Reverting changes from AD scaling over the game back to 3.4.

Skarner – E stun 1.5s to 1.25.

Swain – Not exactly sure why swain has been given a buff considering he is… very strong. Q cooldown decreased, mostly in the early game, which’ll vastly increase his poke and harass. W radius increased by roughly 20%. His ultimate will now pass through Yasuo’s wind wall and Braum’s shield.

Tristana – Attack range at all levels has been slightly reduced. W damage increased at all levels too, however, this damage is mostly irrelevant since it’s not a primary damage source.

Twitch – E base damage slightly buffed.

Volibear – E crowd control overall has been slightly reduced.

Zoe – Attack range increase slightly. Q damage has been vastly increased, both base amount and AP scaling ratio has been buffed, to somewhat compensate, passive damage is now longer not applied, and splash damage reduced by 20%. W base damage and scaling ratio has also been increased. Overall, Zoe has received an astounding damage boost.

zoe nerf league of legends patch 8.5

Hextech Loot

Riot has finally decided to increase the looting system, this should’ve been changed long ago considering there is no more first win of the day IP, and disenchanting gives much too little BE.

  1. Hextech champion shard drops will only give shards of champs worth 4800 or above (Champion value over 4800, not directly 4800 BE).
  2. Since ward skins shards are worth drastically below champion skin shard drops, getting a ward skin will now be bundled with an extra 150 OE (Orange essence)
  3. Ultimate and mythic skins drops will be permanent, no longer needing to be upgraded. While the chances of drop are low, it makes it easier to acquire these skins overall, as previously attempting to redeem them cost way too much OE.
  4. Upgrading champion mastery has been reduced by 800BE to level 6, and 950BE to level 7.


Bullet kai'sa new league

Kai’sa will be released in patch 8.5. She is a very mobile / interactive champion that will mostly played in the bot-lane. As usual, Riot has released the new champion with one skin, Bullet Angel Kai’sa.