LoL Patch 9.9 most significant champion changes

Aatrox: Quite a few changes to Aatrox which will dramatically impact his playstyle throughout. Check our entire Aatrox rundown here!

Blitzcrank: Minor visual updates to all Blitzcrank’s abilities. Ultimate passive has been slightly changed, damage has been halved compared to before and is dealt following a one second delay upon auto attacking when ult is on off cooldown.


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Rakan: All stats aside from base AD has been increased. W dash speed has been increased to 1700, making it harder to dodge. Ultimate has new restriction, preventing W or Flash being used within half a second of using ult.

Soraka: Q cooldown moved from a flat 5 seconds to 8/7/6/5/4 at the different ranks. Q rejuvenation healing on both herself and allies have been increased a fair amount. Decaying movement speed has been dramatically increased, previously a flat 10% to 14/18/22/26/30%. That said, to offset for the healing and movement buffs, base damage has been reduced.

Tahm Kench: Base health, hp per level and movement speed slightly increased. Passive bonus damage changed to a flat 1.5% at all levels.

Q slow duration and slow speed increased, while cdr has been increased at earlier levels. Overall, makes hitting the ability much more threatening, and extends the window opponents can punish Tahm Kench when he misses Q.
Huge nerf to W, eating allied champions now slows Tahm by 95% (same as eating enemy champions), that said, half of mana cost is refunded when eating allies.

W percentage health damage on champions has been dramatically nerfed from 20/24/28/32/36% to 5/7/9/11/13%, instead, granting Tahm some base damage on the ability.
Mana cost casting Thick Skin (E) has been removed, while its shield and heal has been increased slightly.

Ultimate cooldown increased by 20 seconds at all levels, with range being reduced at level 1 by 2000, while range at level 3 increased by 2000.