League of Legends Patch Notes 9.3 Rundown

A pretty significant patch as Riot reprices a wide amount of items, changed some item effects, and even introduced a new AD item, the Spear of Shojin.

Champion changes

Akali: As seen on the PBE, Akali has received an increase in health regeneration per second, from 3.5 to 6. However, Akali has been hit extremely hard, with the healing effect on her Q completely removed, while her shroud no longer grants her stealth from turrets.

Camille: Due to Camille’s prolonged strength in the jungle, in an effort to nerf her, Hookshot (E) no longer stuns minions and monsters.

Cassiopeia: Q base damage decreased at later levels from 75/120/165/210/265 to 75/110/145/180/215, however to compensate, AP ratio scaling is buffed from 0.8 to 0.9.

Irelia: Quite a few changes to Irelia this patch. Health growth has been increased by 10, now to 95. Base armor also increased by 2, making Irelia slightly harder to kill. Q bonus damage to minions has been increased at all levels from 45/60/75/90/105 to 55/75/95/115/135. The two largest changes to Irelia come from her W and passive, with damage reduction from Defiant Dance (W), no longer reducing magic damage. Passive now grants attack speed instead of AD. Overall, changes make Irelia mid almost completely unviable, and allows her to get countered by AP mages in the top lane.


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Item changes

  • Cloak of Agility: Finally, Riot has reintroduced this item back into the game!
  • Infinity Edge: Pretty much reverted to old Infinity Edge, with the crit chance doubling effect and true damage conversion being removed. Instead, the item will now provide 80 damage and 25% crit chance. Note, Cloak of agility as before will be a build item towards IE.
  • Essence Reaver: Big change for Essence reaver. Total cost increased, now to 3200. New build path, now taking a Pickaxe, Caulfield’s Warhammer and Cloak of Agility. The item no longer grants the 300 mana stat, while both its “Mana” and “Essence Flare” effect has been removed in favour of a flat 25% crit chance item.
  • Spear of Shojin: This new item will cost 3400 gold, the build path consisting of a BF sword, Kinglegem and a Long sword. Stats include 60 AD, 250 Health and 20% Cooldown reduction. Special effect, casting ultimate (R) and basic attacking grants 50% attack speed and 20% CDR on basic ability cooldown for the next 6 seconds.
  • Stormrazor: Cost increased by 300, now 3100 gold. Build patch slightly changed, replacing the Longsword and Dagger with a Kircheis Shard. As a result, AD and attack speed stats have dropped for the item, now to 55 and 25% respectively. Existing item effect of granting next basic auto as a crit has been completely removed. Replaced with “Energized” and “Storm”, where auto attack now generate stacks which are discharged at the next auto, dealing 65 magic damage and applying a slow of up to 40% over a second.
  • Phantom Dancer: Cost reduced to 2600. Build path now uses Brawlers glove instead of a dagger. However, the item has received a serious stat nerf, attack speed dropping 15%, now to 30%, with crit chance also taking a 5% hit to 25%. Damage reduction effect removed in favour of a Sterak’s Gage type effect.
  • Last Whisper: Cost up by 150, now 1450 gold. However, both attack damage and armor pen has been increased, now granting 20 AD and 20% armor penetration. Huge buff for the item.
  • Kircheis Shard: 800 > 600 gold
  • Zeal: 1300 > 1200 gold
  • Rapid Firecannon: 2800 > 2600 gold. Crit chance down by 5%, now to 25%.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: 2800 > 2600 gold. Crit chance down by 5%, now to 25%.
  • Statikk Shiv: 2800 > 2600 gold. Crit chance down by 5%, now to 25%. Attack speed up by 5%, now to 40%.
  • Lord Deminik’s Regards: AD increased by 5, now 45.
  • Mortal Reminder: AD increased by 5, now 45.