League of Legends | PBE 8.16 Rundown

New changes released to the Public Beta Environment, as Riot launch PBE 8.16. Let’s have a quick look at what to expect.


Azir: Attack speed per level doubled. Base mana increased to a nicer number of 500.

Cassiopeia: Base HP slightly increased by 43, now to 580. Base mana and mana regen has also been buffed. This will largely strengthen Cass’s mid game and kill pressure.

Ezreal: Starting AD up to 63 at level one, with AD scaling ratio buffed from 2.5 per level to 3 per level. Attack speed scaling per level has also been increased by 1, this will be very significant towards the late game. Base mana regen has been increased by around 50%, allowing Ezreal to poke much more in lane.

Ivern: Able to attack jungle monsters

Lee Sin: AD per level increased from 3.5 to 4.5, on top of this, HP per level has also been increased by 10. This will makes Lee much stronger in the late game, essentially 600 gold worth of damage and 500 gold worth of health, a 1100 stat gold increase.


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Leona: Cooldown for the W will start at fourteen seconds at level one, the cooldown will decrease by one second for every level. The armor and magic resistance has also been reverted to its previous form which favours higher base stats and lower scaling.

Maokai: The previous PBE Maokai changes were found to be much too strong. Movement speed reverted from 340 to 335, very minor change. Magic resistance per level down to 1.25 from 1.75. His E has also been reverted, forcing his damage to non-enemy champions to be capped at 300.

Rek’sai: AD per level increased to 4.5 from 3.35. Scaling HP per level buffed from 85 to 100.

Tahm Kench: Riot will be reverting Tahm Kench’s W damage buff, he will undergo further testing and changes in the PBE at a future date.

Zoe: Passive AP ratio down now to 20% from 32.5%. Passive base damage depending on level has also been slightly reduced. W’s AP ratio thankfully also nerfed, lowered to 40% from the previous 55%.


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Cinderhulk: Bonus HP down to 10%, formerly 15%

Runic Echoes: Bug fix (accidently 400 gold cheaper than intended)

Force of Nature: Magic resistance down by 10, now to 90.


Summon Aery: Damage for Aery slightly reduce at earlier levels. Similarly, shield bonus has also been decreased at earlier levels. Note, the damage and shield from Aery at level 18 will stay the same, 40 and 80 respectively.