PBE 8.22 Patch rundown

This PBE patch is fairly significant mainly due to the reworked Dark Harvest’s changes, along with the usual champion and item tweaks.


LeBlanc – LeBlanc is extremely abusive in lane, especially with her almost guaranteed Q and W combo that easily pushes out her lane opponent with little counter. This has led Riot in decreasing the base damage of Distortion (W) by 10 at every level, reducing her early trading impact.


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Nunu & Willump – Nunu has fallen off dramatically compared to his initial release due to his nerfs on damage and jungling ability. To encourage players to pick up Nunu once again, healing for his Q has been increased from 5% of bonus hp to 8%. Nunu’s base AD has also been increased from 57 to 61, helping his clear speed.

Trundle – A major damage buff to Trundle’s Chomp (Q). Not only the base damage has been added at later levels, the Chomp’s AD ratio has been increased by 10% at all levels. While Trundle will continue to struggle in the early game, this buff will make him a monster in the later phases.

Viktor – Viktor top has been a problem ever since its debut in worlds. This has led Riot Games to pay some attention to Viktor’s damage sources. Q has received a base damage nerf in the later levels, however, will receive an additional 5% AP scaling ratio to compensate. His ultimate will have its base damage seriously reduced at all stages, from 150/250/350 to 130/310/290. To compensate, the AP ratio has been increased from 70% to 85%. Overall, AP Viktor will retain, or even has his damage increased, however, tank Viktors will be nerfed slightly.


Targon’s Brace – In comparison to the live servers, the execute damage for minions has been slightly increased from 200 + 10 per level, to 200 + 15 per level.


Dark Harvest – The Dark Harvest on the PBE compared to the live servers are completely different. Damaging a champion below half health will reward you with a soul stack, the greater the souls, the higher the Dark Harvest damage proc. The base damage has been reduced from 50-140 to 20-80, however, the soul damage will increase from 6 to 8. Overall, this makes Dark Harvest much more rewarding late game, while reducing its early impact.

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