LoL player PraY comes out of retirement

Shortly after announcing his retirement only two months ago in April 2019, Kim “PraY” Jong-in has re-entered the professional League of Legends scene once again. However, while two months may seem short, PraY left his last team (Kingzone) at the end of 2018 in November. This signifies, PraY’s retirement overall has been a one split break.


© Kingzone

It is likely that PraY had previously been burnt out having played professionally since June 2012, where he made his debut with NaJin Black Sword, one of the better LCK teams at the time. With his return, it was announced that he has regained his excitement and enthusiasm for pro play. PraY in the past has been with numerous top teams, playing alongside some of the best payers in the world, with his return now being no different.

KT Rolster announced they have signed PraY, however, the team has yet to mention his official position on the team. Unlike many pros who return after retirement, PraY will be on the team’s roster a player, whether it be a starting or substitute role. It is likely PraY and Zenit will share the starting position, a common sight in the LCK to pressure their players to improve, or face getting benched. Considering the LCK 2019 Summer split is soon starting, we will likely only see PraY at week three or four, depending on when he can properly play and synergise with the team

To date, PraY has attended five separate League of Legends World Championship events, also claiming the top spot in numerous instances of the LCK Spring and Summer splits / playoffs. If PraY can return to his form before retiring from the scene, he will be an important asset for the KT Rolsters who wish to keep their top spot in the LCK.