Prestige Aatrox and season passes controversy

The release of the recent Prestige Aatrox skin and the over implementation of season passes has created community backlash.

Prestige Aatrox skin

This new Prestige line up skin, unlike KDA Kaisa or KDA Akali, will not be “grindable”. It can only be purchased through “prestige points” which are dropped through loot boxes and very occasional events throughout the year. This has shifted the skin’s obtainable method from playing a multitude of games, to strictly spending a large sum of money on the hextech loot system. While Riot necessarily is not in the wrong for wanting to introduce a higher priced skin as after all they are a money-making company, a Reddit’s post highlighted that the method to acquire the Prestige Aatrox skin is highly questionable. This is because players are not spending a flat amount to purchase the skin, instead, they are being funnelled to the gambling-like-system of loot boxes which psychologically manipulates players to spend more money.

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The second point for displeasure regarding the Prestige Aatrox skin is its reduced quality compared to the previous Prestige line up. This was likely fuelled by Riot’s push to release the content quicker in order to gain more money. Many in the community have stated the new Aatrox skin does not have the feel of a Prestige line up skin.

Season passes

When season passes were initially released, they were a great way to encourage players to play more to earn rewards. However, Riot’s continuous releases of these season passes are seriously devaluing the excitement and worth of these events, as it compels those who usually enjoy the events, to grind the game in the short run while they are active. As already seen by the introduction of URF, when players grind the game for a short period of time due to an event, they will get burnt out at the end of the event. Over time, the continuous release of season passes will seriously reduce the player base, which will threaten the life of the game.