LoL Champion rundown: Qiyana, Empress of the Elements

Even before releasing the new reworked Mordekaiser, Riot has revealed their new champion. Days after, many have already named Qiyana to be one of the strongest champions in the game. Overall, a very interesting champ filled with gap closers and a decent amount of crowd control. Qiyana will no doubt be an effective jungler. Riot’s champion design team has been very promising lately, Qiyana’s ultimate allowing for interesting outplays and team synergy. Eg, Taliyah wall into Qiyana’s ult.

Passive – Bonus damage is applied to her first auto attack. Cooldown is reset when Qiyana changes to a new element. Pretty standard passive which will boosts her damage and burst potential.

Q – Qiyana slashes targets in front. A special effect is added depending on the current element she has. If her passive is active, she throws her blade forward as a projectile, which explodes and deals damage.

Wall – deals bonus damage if enemies are on low health, primary used as an executing ability.

River – Roots opponents hit, an effective source of crowd control. Will be extremely effective in team fights, similar to Neeko E.

Brush – Leaves an area ahead which allows Qiyana to be in stealth when moving inside. Allows her to kite in fights and position better overall.

W – A forward dash that allows Qiyana to gather an element. It also bluffs her movement speed, attack speed and bonus damage.

E – Dashes towards a target, dealing damage to enemies hit. Given its range, the E will be an extremely useful ability for Qiyana to gap close, and position herself in fights.

R – Unleashes a shock wave that pushes enemies back a fair distance. If R collides against a brush, it will deal damage and stunning enemies behind. If R collides with terrain or a wall, it detonates the wall or terrain hit, dealing damage and also stunning enemies nearby.

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