Reworked Ezreal coming soon

According to a Riot post, Ezreal will be released in the upcoming patch. Ezreal has undergone a champion rework, while his core is still the same, some changes have been implemented. This most notably includes his in game champion avatar, splash art and W ability. Ezreal’s existing skins, like all other reworked champion skins in the past, will undergo some visual / splash art updates.


Q – Mystic shot will remain the same, being a fairly long range skill shot ability that deals physical damage to the first enemy unit or jungle monster hit. While it has undergone a small visual update, the Mystic shot is still a blue energy projectile.

W – The W is the major change coming in Ezreal’s new rework. In the past, the W was considered a fairly small damaging ability (unless you built full AP) with minimal impact. As a result, Riot has aimed to make better use of this skill slot, completely changing it. Essence Flux is now a single target ability, that will deal damage and stick onto the first champion, large monster or objective that it hits. Damaging the target will trigger the orb, dealing magic damage. Note, if an ability is used to detonate the orb, the full mana cost of the ability used will be refunded, along with an additional sixty mana.

E – Arcane shift remains pretty much the same. The E will teleport Ezreal to a chosen direction nearby, simular to flash range. The nearest enemy unit from Ezreal’s new position will be dealt damage. The main difference between the current and new Ezreal E is the visual update making Ezreal look much smoother when the ability is casted.

R – Trueshot Barrage will continue to be a global skill shot that deals damage to enemy units or jungle monsters hit. As usual, it will go through multiple targets allowing for snipes at any point of the map.