Riot drops MSI 2023 anthem to “defy” all expectations

Riot Games’ music department is delivering once again, releasing the official 2023 anthem for MSI, which is starting in two weeks’ time.

msi anthem 2023

Image Credits | Riot Games

MSI Anthem 2023 – Rules (Are Meant to Break)

MSI is coming up in early May, and Riot Games suddenly dropped its official anthem for the first international tournament of the year. The song, called Rules (Are Meant To Break), perfectly fits the theme set by Riot for the occasion.

Performed by UK rapper Che Lingo, the publisher stuck to what they stated last year, with the goal of creating songs by working with artists coming from the hosting country. This time around, Riot Games “defied” the expectations by releasing another rap song, following last year’s Worlds song by Lil Nas X.

While it won’t probably get the same recognition and success, the song manages to deliver the right vibe with a fast-paced rhythm and aggressive, sharp lyrics. In other words, it really does give the adrenaline and that feeling of wanting to break the rules and go over the limits.

According to a Reddit user, the style of the rap song is grime, which is originally from London, the hosting city of the tournament.

The video is also interesting to analyze. It matches the song with sick animations, but it’s a lot closer to other music videos made for VALORANT, rather than League. “Rules are meant to break by the proudest ones,” is one of the main lyrics in the song, and it embodies what peak esports and competitive gaming would look like at one of the most important tournaments of the year.

MSI 2023 will kick off in less than two weeks, with the first match being played on May 2nd. That said, we might need to wait a little longer to see a live performance of the song, as it might be coming for the finals on May 21st at the Copper Box Arena. Will Riot “defy” the expectations once again?

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