Riot Games names OPPO as smartphone sponsor for LoL esports

You might not know the name OPPO, but you will do soon. This is because the Chinese tech company have just signed a deal where they will become the official smartphone sponsor for League of Legends esports. It’s a five year deal between OPPO and Riot Games, and it will see the OPPO brand name omnipresent at all major LoL contests until 2024.

OPPO is the top smartphone manufacturer in China this year, and the fact that they will team up with Riot Games means that they are determined to access the lucrative gaming market. Gamers will get to see what exclusive content OPPO produce when the League of Legends World Championships take place on 2 October.

Riot Games new sponsorship OPPO for LoL esports

© Riot Games

Key features of the OPPO LoL sponsorship

Many esports sponsorship deals can be fairly bland affairs. But OPPO look to be serious about their upcoming partnership with Riot Games, and there are already big plans for delivering some exclusive content that’s sure to be of interest to any LoL betting fans.

The first thing to know is that OPPO will serving up plenty of detailed content about the latest teams to join the Rift. There will be spotlights on all of the newcomers, and special guides to the dark horses who could land a shock result at the upcoming LoL Worlds tournament.

But it won’t stop there as OPPO will be teaming up with Riot Games to showcase some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. While a lot of this might be cosplay related entertainment, the press release about the partnership said that the OPPO Cam will add an extra dimension to the live esports experience.

Just to make sure that all gamers know who OPPO are, they will even be presenting the Most Valuable Player awards. These will recognise the match-winning performances of gamers at contests like the League of Legends World Championships and the Mid-Season Invitational.

OPPO will also be putting on some special promotions to mark their partnership deal. This means that gamers can get the chance to win a trip to massive LoL tournaments such as the World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational, or the All-Star Event.

Getting ready for the biggest ever LoL Worlds competition

The sponsorship deal with OPPO shows how Riot Games are investing some serious time and effort into the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. The game’s developer has already lined up massive sponsorship deals with brands like MasterCard, and their deal with OPPO is yet another indication of how hot LoL Worlds is at the moment.

The last installment of the LoL tournament attracted more viewers than the Super Bowl, and this year’s contest is already tipped to be the gaming event of the year. This is especially so as it looks like the famous LoL gamer Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok could be making a return for the competition. All of which shows that OPPO’s sponsorship could be a very shrewd move.