Riot Games releases Briar Bio and Lore – learn about her story

Learn more about Briar, the newest LoL champion, and her lore and connections to the Noxian region of the LoL universe.

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Briar Lore in the LoL universe – Briar wants to eat…

Based on the lore you can find on the official LoL website, Briar was created by Black Rose, a secretive cabal led by the Noxian aristocracy, as a “new kind of living weapon”. She would become an assassin that didn’t require the sustenance of food and water, but it would be fully fueled by blood.

Unfortunately, the Black Rose decided that she would be too dangerous to use, but also too powerful to be destroyed. So they decided to create a special pillory to restrain her power.

Briar was deployed during Jericho Swain’s coup against Darkwill and was given a handler to direct her. But as soon as she was released from her pillory, she ended up devouring him and everyone else apart from her target, Swain, who escaped. She was caught by Swain’s guards who transferred her to a holding facility. Alone in her cell, Briar could only focus on her hunger and the lack of blood weakened her day by day.

At first, she thought the chorus of crazed wails echoing around her room were her own starving thoughts… until she realized the sounds were drifting in from unseen neighbors. Did Swain’s forces manage to capture other living weapons during the coup? Was she locked up with them now, each having failed their mission? Their purpose?

The voices cried out for blood—a sentiment Briar could relate to. But what she couldn’t stand wasn’t how often they did it, nor how loud they were, but that it was ALL they talked about. Their unrelenting hemomania was the most boring thing she had ever experienced.

As hungry as Briar was—and she was hungry—her thoughts stayed focused on the pitiful sounds of the others. What if she managed to break out of the pillory? Would her frenzy make her even more unhinged than her neighbors? Would she become as single-minded and boring as them? The idea was too horrifying to dwell on, so she instead resigned herself to listless solitude.

Being under control was just as dangerous as being out of control…

After years had passed, Briar reflected on herself and considered the possibilities of the outside world. One day, she inadvertently loosened her pillory, which “settled into a position just short of unlocking the restraint”. At that point, Briar had the chance to be free and she took it.

By this point, the guards were so used to her calls for attention that when she lured one close to her cell, nobody noticed he was missing until it was too late. The guard’s blood surged within her, lighting a fire that had been waiting to spread.

Now that she’s free, Briar roams around the streets of Noxus, which is the version of the champion we’re given in the game. As she gets in touch with the outer world, she will be waiting for the right moment to unlock her pillory and eat her prey.

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