Riot renews two partnerships for EMEA Masters

With EMEA Masters approaching soon, Riot Games revealed the two partnerships for the competition dedicated to the ERLs.

emea masters partners

Image Credits | Riot Games

EMEA Masters will team up with two long-term partners for the 2023 season

Riot is known for always having great partnerships with renowned and global brands. Now that teams from the various ERLs (European Regional Leagues) have been locked in, the organizers announced the two partnerships for the EMEA Masters 2023 season: Warner Music and Secretlab.

The former will be Riot’s Official Music Supplier and Secretlab is going to be the Official Gaming Chair Partner. These two have had a long-standing relationship with Riot and will form a trio of great partners with the snack brand KitKat, which was announced a few days ago.

Warner Music has been working with them over the last five years, and they are looking to bring a cool catalog of music on the broadcasts for fans to enjoy when watching the EMEA teams compete.

“Warner has been integral to enhancing the fan experience of LoL Esports over the years and those that join us for EM 2023 can expect to hear some amazing artists” is what Riot said.

On the other hand, Secretlab will continue to be the Official Gaming Chair provider. As part of the partnership, the gaming chair manufacturer will provide the strongest players competing in EMEA Masters Spring and Summer with its award-winning Secretlab TITAN Evo chairs.

“Warner Music and Secretlab have become integral partners of LoL Esports competitions in EMEA in the past few years, so we’re delighted to welcome them back for the 2023 EM season,” says Eva Suarez, Head of Esports Partnerships EMEA at Riot Games.“We’re dedicated to enhancing the fan and player experience of all our esports products and both Warner Music and Secretlab will help us level up EM 2023 and achieve our goals.”

The tournament starts on Apr. 4th

EMEA Masters is beginning tomorrow Apr. 4th with the play-in stage. With the addition of new regions like Turkey and Arabia, the tournament will feature a total of 28 teams and 13 ERLs.

That said, only 16 can go through to the main event. If you want to know which are the diamonds in the rough, make sure to head over to or the Official Twitch channel to stay on top of the action.

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