Riot Sanjuro reportedly sacked from Riot Games

Riot Sanjuro has reportedly been fired from Riot Games. Riot has yet to give an official response to the incident. They have released a statement to the effect that they did not support an outburst from the former Riot employee, which happened earlier this week.

Riot Sanjuro x Tyler1 scandal

Sanjuro’s comments were found on the official League of Legends Reddit discord, in a group conversation in which Sanjuro and other participants were insulting Tyler1 (T1), a popular streamer.

Sanjuro was caught comparing T1 to a “homunculus”. But this wasn’t the end of his fiery remarks. The former Riot employee implied that T1 is not only a problem, but also stated that it would be fine if he “died from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids he takes”.


Riot Sanjuro vs Tyler1

The news gained traction on Reddit, making it past 36,000 up-votes. The overwhelming disrespect towards T1 has been viewed as deplorable by the gaming community.

Sanjuro ends partnership with Riot

It is unclear whether Sanjuro left Riot of his own accord or was fired. However, it has been confirmed he no longer works for Riot. The only heads-up the community had that action would be taken was when a fellow Riot employee commented on a Reddit post, stating that the company “will be taking action internally to address” the issue.

Richard Lewis, esports host, editor and YouTuber, was the first to share Riot Sanjuro’s personal Facebook post, giving a “head[s] up to friends and family” that he “no longer works at Riot Games”.

In addition to this, the ex-Riot employee has deleted his official Twitter account and updated his LinkedIn profile to indicate his employment at Riot games ended this month.

How could T1’s return impact League of Legends betting?

T1 has spoken out in a recent Twitter post saying: “It really sucks that some people still hold a massive grudge vs old T1 and refuse to acknowledge I’ve changed.” With Riot now on the back foot, a return looks very likely.

As one of the most notorious trolls to ever grace League of Legends, could Tyler’s return impact the current roster of great players?

Previously ranked as the 13th solo queue player in North America, it is likely he could find a team relatively swiftly, throwing a curve ball and potentially disrupting future competitions.

While troll play is something rarely seen at the top of League gameplay, if T1 does return and swiftly reaches the top-tier quickly, it is something you should prepare for when formulating your betting strategy.

Tyler1’s return will certainly shake things up – that’s for sure.