Santorin to return to the NA LCS

Santorin, a renowned jungler most well-known for his time in Team Solomid will likely return to the North American LCS. Sources close to both parties have revealed Santorin will join Fly Quest. This means Santorin will once again officially leave the European LCS scene and make his way back to NA.

Who is Santorin?

Lucas Larsen, also known as Santorin in the League of Legends scene is both a high elo and experienced LCS Jungler. To date, Santorin has an immense four and a half years of experience as a professional player.

Santorin tsm

Previous teams

Santorin made his debut with Denmark based team, Intellectual Playground, in June of 2013. He then decided to move in and out of a handful of teams before finally arriving with Team Coast, the first fairly well known team Santorin was able to prove his skills on. Unfortunately, Team Coast was unable to qualify for another season in the EU LCS leading to Santorin’s departure.

The next move broke Santorin out to the masses, moving from a low to mid-tier NA LCS / CS team to North America’s top team, Team SoloMid. While on TSM, he found a great deal of success, achieving first in the IEM Season 9 World Championships, NA LCS 2015 Spring Split and NA LCS Spring Playoffs. They later finished the Summer season with a second place standing in the NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs. Team Solomid then qualified for the 2015 League of Legends World championships where they quickly got swiped into 14th-16th place.

After leaving TSM, Santorin found little success, playing for various teams, both in the NA and EU regions with varying levels, be it LCS or CS.

Santorin’s recent move saw him sign with H2k in mid-December of 2017, joining the team as their starting Jungler. Unfortunately for Santorin, he was replaced by Caedrel on the team’s main roster, thus deciding to leave the team.

Why did Santorin leave NA in the first place?

Santorin explained in an interview he had left North America partly due to backlash from Team Solomid fans. He details the ill-treatment that has been directed through Reddit and various social media platforms whenever a mistake was made, whether it be major or minor. This not only affected him mentally, but physically caused him to decline in decision making and overall play.

Why does Fly Quest want Santorin?

Considering Fly Quest’s extremely disappointing performance in the recent 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, where the team finished 8th, it is no surprise the organisation needed a change. By signing Santorin, Fly Quest hopes to bring on a more experienced member.


The relationship between WildTurtle and Santorin must also not be ignored. As former teammates with their time in Team SoloMid, it will greatly improve the team’s synergy, especially in the bot-lane. Given bot is the strongest and most impactful role in the game, Fly Quest stands a strong chance in improving their team’s performance before the Summer split starts.