What you need to know about the Snowdown event

Riot Mort, a Senior Lead Designer for League, has tweeted out complete information regarding the game’s new event, Snowdown. Similar to past events, like the most recently Worlds, players will be given the opportunity to earn tokens, which can then be exchanged for rewards. Of course, as usual, players can buy the Snowdown pass to earn more tokens throughout all their games, instead of being only limited to missions. Riot Mort has mentioned that those without the pass will be able to earn a maximum of 325 tokens throughout the entire event if they complete all the missions.

Snowdown pass

The pass will cost 1450 RP and will be bundled along with a bonus 150 Snow Tokens and a Snow Capsule. This pass will grant Snow Tokens based on the map and the outcome of the game. As usual, ARAM will give less tokens compared to a Summoner’s Rift match as the game time is relatively shorter at around 15-25 min.

  • Summoner’s Rift – Win > 10 Tokens
  • Summoner’s Rift – Loss > 5 Tokens
  • Howling Abyss (ARAM) – Win > 6 Tokens
  • Howling Abyss (ARAM) – Loss > 3 Tokens

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Snow Capsule

Snow Capsules will be up for sale in the store. These capsules will contain three skin shards worth at least 950 RP, and also have an 8% chance to drop a Stocking Stuffer (contains a permanent 1350 RP skin, permanent ward skin and an icon).

  • A single capsule will be bundled along with 40 Snow Tokens for 750 RP.
  • A bundle of 11 capsules, 1 Stocking Stuffer and 400 Snow Tokens for 7500 RP.

Prestige Akali

The event’s featured token skin is Prestige Akali which will be up for purchase for 1800 Tokens the moment the event is released.

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