T1 or DK: Who is claiming the top spot? – LCK Weekly Preview

The LCK kicked off last week with a banger debut match between T1 and Gen.G. Going into week 2, T1 will have to face the other top dogs of the LCK DK. Let’s see who might prevail in this match of the week.

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T1 and DK week 1 performance

Both T1 and DK have started off the LCK Spring Split with two wins on the board. On one hand, T1 demolished Gen.G and came out victorious against KT Rolster in the Telecom war. Even if both series were won, T1 dropped one game against KT, which puts them behind DK in the standings. The game was mainly lost because of a lack of damage in the team comp, so the culprit was T1’s draft. In the second game of the series, they ended up playing a similar comp and won thanks to the Orianna pick.

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DK, on the other hand, have completely destroyed their first two opponents DRX and LSB. They were always in control, from start to finish, and even if the first two opponents weren’t as strong as T1 week 1’s opponents, it goes to show that Dplus KIA is ready to fight.

Match Preview

The series is set to become a major highlight and a potential split-deciding series, as both teams seem to be above the rest of the field. The key to either team’s success will likely be the bottom lane: whoever can get a snowball rolling will get the upper hand in the series. Based on what we’ve seen so far, DK seems to have a more solid bot lane. Gumayusi and Keria had some weird moments in the series against KT Rolster, while Deft and Kellin looked strong at all times.

Aside from the bot lane, though, DK seems to have the better-performing players across all roles, even in the top lane. After a stellar week 1 performance, current top laner Canna has proved that 2022 was just a bad year overall. His Gnar was decisive in almost every teamfight, throwing multiple people on the wall and solo killing Rascal.

Given his current form, it seems like T1 won’t be able to find opportunities to punish him. With this in mind, T1’s main chances of victory will have to all come down to draft and coordination. Unfortunately for them, DK are looking too strong in their current form and an unstoppable force that is ready to take over the LCK.

Prediction: T1 45% | DK 55%

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