Team SoloMid roster updates

Team SoloMid faired well this season despite their slow start, they were able to quickly improve, now looking extremely strong heading into the Summer split. TSM were able to place 3rd in the LCS 2019 Spring split, with a 2nd place finish only behind Team Liquid in the playoffs stage.


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Grig moving to starting position

Initially, Team SoloMid had signed Grig to be their starting jungler as part of the 2019 Spring split. Unfortunately, they found that Grig had some wrist problems, and required treatment, thus unable to scrim. This led to TSM bringing on Akaadian from their academy team as their starting jungler. While Grig had recovered later on, the split had already started, compelling the team to continue using Akaadian as he had “integrated well into (their) current structure”. This forced Grig to stay in TSM’s academy team for the entire Spring split.

However, as the Summer season approaches, Team SoloMid announced Grig will be returning into the main team’s starting roster. Akaadian will remain in his current role as the team’s jungler, forcing both Grig and Akaadian to share the role. It is highly likely TSM will continue to develop Akaadian given his ability to work well with the team’s other members. Grig and Akaadian’s current settlement to share the role will likely come to an end after the split ends, TSM likely transferring or selling one of the players to another team.

New academy jungler

As Grig moves to the main team, this leaves an open spot for TSM’s academy team. Team SoloMid has announced they will be signing Mingyi “Spica” Lu as their new academy jungler. The team had originally discovered Spica at the end of 2017 in Riot’s scouting grounds initiative, a program that gathers some of the top players from solo queue interested in professional play.