Teamfight Tactics – Reroll Strategy, the best way to spend gold in TFT

As a strategy game, learning how to use your limited gold effectively is essential to a win. Gold is the key that allows players to reroll their hand, purchase exp and most importantly, buy champions.


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Using gold early will ruin your “economy”, which is a term that usually refers to your ability to earn additional interest. This interest caps at 5 gold, in which a player’s most optimum point would be to reach 50 gold, spending anything over 50 gold. However, players will also have to balance their desire to aim for achieving this optimum point as early as possible, against win streaks, and current health. Usually, players will spend most of, if not all their gold when dropping below 30 health since elimination is looming closely.

Reroll strategy

Hard save your gold, only spending on tier 1 units that you wish to build your comp around until after the PVE Krugs round. At this point, you will have a lot of gold saved up, and without spending any gold on XP, you should be at level 4, 8/10. Still being level 4, your chance to roll a tier 1 unit is extremely high (55%), making it easy to level up your tier 1 units, most likely resulting in 1-2 three-star units at the end of your hard rerolls. Even with minimal synergy and high tier units, the high base stats and damage on three-star units will drive early wins. Given not many people, if any at all, will have tier 3s at this point, you will easily win streak, leading to decent gold income even without the initial interest gold.

Win streaks

2 – 4 wins in a row = 1 gold (each win)

5 – 7 wins in a row = 2 gold (each win)

8+ wins in a row = 3 gold (each win)

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