Riot Reveals Teamfight Tactics EMEA Esports Circuit

Since it was first released in 2019, Teamfight Tactics, the League of Legends spin-off, has gone from strength to strength. From the moment it launched, Teamfight Tactics was an instant hit, emerging from the shadow of the esports epic title, League of Legends. This ‘autobattler’ effectively introduced millions of gamers to a new genre, and in no time at all, it had spawned an esports scene. Now, Riot Games has revealed Rising Legends, the Teamfight Tactics tournament circuit built specifically for the EMEA region.

For this circuit, anybody can register as a competitor and begin qualification matches. According to, TFT Rising Legends “will allow the most strategic players to battle for a spot to represent the EMEA region at the Set 7 TFT World Championship“.

How Will The Rising Legends Circuit Work?


Reportedly, the Rising Legends circuit was built around feedback provided by the community. It’s a massive win for the player base at large, and it’s a credit to Riot Games, the developer, who has truly stepped up and listened to what the fans want. In a statement, Max Wischow, Product Lead of EMEA TFT Esports, said:

I am thankful for the positive and constructive feedback we received during and after Gizmos & Gadgets and have accordingly implemented a few tweaks to our Rising Legends Circuit. With Set 7 we would like to focus and support our regional competitions driving maturity with the implementation of TRCs (TFT Regional Competitions).

This is a relatively complex circuit, with the competition being spread out across four main stages. It all begins with the Open Qualifiers, with 512 players attempting to secure one of just thirty-two places leading into the next stage. There’s a minimum rank requirement for breaking into the Open Qualifiers, and from there, it’s a tense battle with regular reseeding to ensure fairness. Following the Open Qualifiers, the successful players pass into the Golden Spatula Cups.

At the end of each Golden Spatula Cup, one player will qualify for the Set 7 EMEA Finals. Before the finals arrive, there’s a Superbrawl – a legendary event in the Teamfight Tactics space. Once again, this event will see the best and brightest players qualify for the EMEA Finals. Finally, there’s the Rising Legends Final, the grand event that marks the closure of the Rising Legends circuit. When the dust has settled on this event, four players will have qualified for the Teamfight Tactics World Finals tournament.

How Popular Is Teamfight Tactics?

If you want to compare this circuit to a mainstream League of Legends tournament, the first thing to look at is the prize pool. For instance, the Rising Legend circuit boasts a €50,000 prize pool, which could be considered a shadow of a figure compared to some of the top-tier League of Legends events. However, it’s important to remember that Teamfight Tactics is a relatively new game, and it is still finding its feet in the world of esports and esports betting.

We’re just entering Set Seven with the TFT Dragonlands update, and in Set Four, more than 2.5 billion player hours were recorded in Teamfight Tactics. According to Riot Games, TFT has picked up more than 80 million players since 2019, with growth being driven by the overwhelming popularity of the title.

As time goes on, the esports scene surrounding Teamfight Tactics will undoubtedly continue to grow.