Teamfight Tactics Twitch Rivals rundown

Riot has recently unveiled their plans to host the first ever Teamfight Tactics showdown, the TFT Twitch Rivals tournament. While it had already been expected for TFT to gain a competitive scene, no one predicted the overwhelming popularity of the game would result in Riot and Twitch rushing to host a tournament under a month from the game’s release.


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When / where will it be held?

The TFT Twitch rivals will run across a mere two days on the 17th and 18th of July.
Like many other Twitch Rivals tournaments, participants will play remotely through their personal locations / homes. This allows viewers to catch the tournament through the official Twitch Rivals channel or even through your favorite twitch streamer participant’s channel.

Participants and format

There will be a total of 64 participants in the TFT Twitch Rivals tournament. Riot has yet to announce the event’s full line up. However, given the sheer number of players invited, the chances your favorite Twitch streamer will be playing is extremely high.

Day 1 will see the players divided into two groups, A and B. The day will then end when the top 8 from each group is narrowed down.

Day 2 combines the top eight in both groups A and B, resulting in a total of 16 players. Through the entire day of battles, a single victor will emerge on the same day.

Prize Pool

Considering Teamfight Tactic’s popularity, Riot has placed a very decent prize pool. $125,000 has been allocated for the two day event, while it may seem high for such a short tournament, it is justifiable considering viewers are expected to exceed the tens, if not the hundreds of thousands.

However, the biggest benefit for participants certainly is not limited to the prize money, bit instead exposure. A great case study for the benefit of Twitch Rivals is Dizzy, the winner of the Apex Legends first Twitch Rivals tournament. Dizzy went from a relatively unknown part time streamer, to one of the biggest names in the game, now a full time streamer also with 300,000+ subscribers on Youtube.