Biggest changes in TFT after the update

If you are into TFT and you spend a lot of time playing this up and coming game, then you definitely know that meta is constantly changing. For instance, we all used Nobles to get us through the early stage of the match and then we shifted to something that can win us the game. However, Nobles are super strong now, and below you can find more information about where is current meta going.

God King Gare - Nobles LoL champion

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What should you expect in the next couple of days?

Well, to be honest, you should expect Nobles on every corner. Getting 3 Nobles is super easy as you can grab Garen, Fiora and Vayne. Now that Noble buff transfers to one random ally, you can clearly pump one of your carries early and hope that they get additional 70 armor and magic resist + 35 health back on hit.

If you can get early Kayle, the game is pretty much over. However, you will need a hyper carry on your side since your Nobles will not do so much damage, but they will survive a nuke if needed. From my perspective, Draven would be an ideal choice as hyper carry as this champ hits like a truck and he only needs one or two solid items.

Ninjas also got some love and they are becoming more and more popular. For some reason, Riot is really investing a lot of effort into making Ninjas viable. However, it can be a bit tricky to grab one Ninja early on since you can get Ninja buff for either 1 or 4 Ninjas on the board. Consider having an early Kennen with +50 AD and AP. However, use either Knights or Nobles to survive the early game and stack your Akali in late game.

What transitions did you make now that the new patch is live?

How do you feel about Nobles and who is your favorite hyper carry in the game at the moment?

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