Transaction has been declined in LoL – how to fix the issue

Looking to make a purchase in LoL only to realize the transaction has been declined? Check how to sort the issue out.

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Declined Transaction in LoL – Potential issues

Even though digital payments are fast and convenient, they still take quite a few steps for security reasons before completing the transaction.  Try not to make too many attempts, either – it could cause more harm than good to your Riot account.

If you’re faced with an error message, you can check below for some troubleshooting steps you can take.

Your card information is invalid or wrong 

This error occurs when Riot Games cannot pinpoint the card provider you are using from the card number you have entered. Please make sure you have entered your card number, expiration date, and security code correctly without any spaces.

Payment attempt declined by the card provider

There are many reasons why your credit card may be getting declined. You might not have enough funds on the card or there might be an incorrect billing address. To find out what might be the cause, make sure to verify all the following:

  • Your credit card number was entered correctly without any spaces.
  • Your card supports online and international payments.
  • Your account is not at its limit or overdrawn. If you have reached the limit, make sure to contact your bank or go to the online banking account to check if you can raise the limit. Typically, however, the increase is not immediate and it will take some time (usually the following day) to work.
  • You entered your card’s 3-4 digit security code correctly. You can usually find the code on the back of your card. That said, there are some exceptions like the American Express cards, which have the code listed on the front.
  • Access to your card has been restricted for security reasons. Contact your card provider for more information and whether they can unlock it for you.

Aside from these common issues, there might be other problems that force the transaction to be declined. Regardless, always make sure to contact your bank for further context and information on what might have happened.

If you’re looking to make the transaction right away, you can also consider making the transaction through PayPal, if you have funds on the account too. You will be redirected to their page to complete the purchase.

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Exceeding the maximum number for a transaction

Riot Games limits the amount of transaction attempts you can make within 24 hours for precautionary reasons. This works to protect users in case of potential thefts. According to Riot’s support page, the limit applies both for the number of times the same credit card is used on various accounts and the number of times a single account uses various cards. So try to always wait 24 hours before making another transaction to avoid getting issues during the process. 

Additional errors you might face

If none of the above trouble errors or resolutions have solved the issue, below are a few more reasons why a transaction might be declined on LoL and the potential solutions:

  • There was a miscommunication between the game’s client and the LoL store.

The best way to sort it out is to wait a few minutes, reboot the client and make the transaction again. If that doesn’t work, check your network connection and troubleshoot it.

  • Your bank is having difficulty completing your transaction with Riot Games’ bank

In this case, just contact your bank for further information and see how the issue can be fixed.

  • The store won’t allow the purchase because you have met the purchase limit. If you have made multiple transactions or transaction attempts in a 24-hour period, you may be temporarily blocked from making further transactions for security reasons. Remember that even the declined attempts count toward this purchase limit.

If you see that it’s not working after two or three tries, just wait 24 hours before making another transaction attempt. Always double check you have entered all the correct credit card information: this is typically where people might make the mistake.

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