Twitch gets added to the list of marksman support in LCK

After seeing Caitlyn and Kalista were played as support champions in the LCK, DRX BeryL explored Twitch support on stage.

Image Credits | Fernando Decillis/Riot Games

Twitch Support picked by BeryL in the LCK

In the series against DRX and BRION, DRX’s support BeryL locked in Twitch in Game 3 after all other ADC options picked or banned during champ select. In such a high-stake series, BeryL tried to innovate once again by bringing Twitch to Summoners’ Rift.

While Twitch support has been a notorious pick in soloqueue, especially in its AP version, this pick was the first-ever LCK Twitch support.

Unfortunately, the pick didn’t work out as intended. BRO was really careful and respected the Twitch pick, without allowing BeryL to exploit the power behind the champion pick. With a 10-minute ace and a full late-game scaling comp made by Zeri and Kassadin, BRO ran over DRX, only leaving three kills to the enemy team and ending the game in less than 29 minutes.

With this loss, DRX are 1-3 in the standings, while BRION continue their positive start to the 2023 LCK Spring and a 3-1 record.

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This is yet another unique ADC that gets picked in major regions

Twitch is the seventh ADC champion that gets selected as a support. Before him, we had the chance to witness Miss Fortune, Kalista, Varus, Jhin, Caitlyn, Ashe among the major regions. That said, Varus and Miss Fortune were only picked once in the LPL by the same support player, Invictus Gaming’s Wink.

Therefore, the LCK might still have more options to explore in the upcoming weeks. With BeryL and T1’s Keria as the frontrunners in playing ranged supports, we might witness more exciting AD picks in the near future.

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