Tyler’s TCS is back!

The Tyler1 Championship Series, also more commonly known as the TCS, will be returning late this year. A trailer released by Tyler1’s Twitter reveals that the event will start on the 24th of November, with the finals ending on the 1st of December.

Prize pool

Similar to last year’s 2017 Tyler1 Championship Series, this tournament will hold a $10,000 USD prize pool. Given this is most likely a privately run event like last year’s TCS, where Tyler1 fully funded the project, it is a fairly decent amount. While most prize pools will be spread throughout the various teams, the winner of the TCS will receive everything, with the remaining teams being left empty handed.

Participating teams

Unlike last year’s event which featured sixteen teams, the 2018 Tyler1 Championship Series will only have eight participating teams. As the tournament has just been announced, the participating teams have yet to be revealed.

That said, it is expected the tournament will feature teams that have been quickly assembled from North America’s diamond, master to challenger ranks. As expected, many prominent forces in the League of Legends streaming scene will be making appearances, with the video specifically mentioning Trick2G, Valkrin and Hashinshin.


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The first TCS

Considering the 2017 Tyler1 Championship Series’ low budget and meme worthy production, it had been oddly popular amongst the League of Legends community. The 2017 TCS reached millions worldwide, participating streamers in last year’s event such as Imaqtpie and Dyrus using footage from the event in their own channels and videos. The “TYLER1 CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES GRAND FINAL” video alone to date has accumulated over 1,600,000 views.

The TCS’s success lies within both Tyler1’s eccentric personality, and the previously established audience of the participating streamers. Given the success of last year’s event and the hype that has already been generated with this year’s announcement, the 2018 TCS will definitely be an event to watch.