Ultra Rapid Fire Is Back – New Insane Summoner Spell!

This year, League of Legends’ favourite game mode will be making its return for 2 whole weeks! But this time, Riot has added a new twist. Unfortunately for many, they once again prevent players from choosing their preferred champion (All random URF). However, in compensation for this, Riot has added a new snowball summoner spell for the mode.

This year’s ‘Snow Battle ARURF’ will begin on the 19th of December at 8:00 AM, so be early if you want to catch the first few games to maximise that play time. It will last 2 days into the New Year, ending at 7:55 AM on the 2nd of January.

ultra rapid fire league of legends

As usual, URF will contain the usual buffs, 80% CDR, unlimited mana, additional attack speed etc. Since Riot has added a bonus summoner spell, similar to the ‘mark’ / snowball seen in the other popular game mode (‘All Random All Mid’ (ARAM)), of course it too had to have been tweaked.

The coming URF’s snow ball is the ‘Ultra (Rapidly Flung) Mark’. Similar to the ARAM ‘mark’, it will act like a Lee Sin Q by dealing a small amount of damage. If it lands, players will be given the option to re-cast the ability and fly towards the target. However, if you think the ARAM mark has a long range, you haven’t seen anything yet. This ‘Ultra (Rapidly Flung) Mark’ covers the distance of over half the map in diameter. Riot has introduced this summoner spell to make the game more interesting, since previous URF players tended to only take ‘teleport’ so that they can return to their lane faster. By adding this new snowball feature, players are able to return to their lane, chase and overall, have one more & free usable summoner slot.

Ultra rapid fire lol league of legends esports

As mentioned before, the returning URF mode will be an ARURF where players will be given random champions once ‘champion select’ kicks in. In another unfortunate twist of events, only certain champions with snow or winter themed skins will be playable (with the exception of naturally cold themed champions like Lissandra and Trundle). But don’t fret, while the champions are limited, the champion pool remains decent since a ton of champions already have pre-existing snow themed skins. The chances of getting the same champion are also slim for newer players, since all champions will be unlocked (only in URF) and free to play (the snow themed skins will be in effect).

The return of this mode brings back a flood of returning players so spread the word around, URF IS BACK!

Photo Credits: Riot Games