Upcoming changes in LoL – PBE 8.5

The PBE 8.5 cycle has just been released detailing adjusted champion skill values, new chroma skins, ‘Your shop’ and most importantly, a major change to the Locket of the Iron Solari.

Note: PBE changes are only an indicator of what you can expect to hit the live servers in the coming weeks. These may or may not go through depending on various statistics on the PBE along with feedback from the community.

league of legends patch 8.5 esports

Here we’ll cover the most notable changes in the PBE.



The previously proposed buff to Olaf’s E and R has been reverted following criticism from the community, specifically Hashinshin. It is likely Riot will revisit Olaf in the near future, hopefully listening to community advice and staying away from a tanky type character.


Spell flux has been nerfed overall. While damage has been increased by 20 at level 1, making his early laning phase a little stronger, the spell flux spread damage has been reduced to 50%. Along with the increased cooldown time from his ultimate (from 120s to 180s), split pushing will be not only harder, but more risky.


Q no longer grants passive damage, however, damage on Paddle Star has been increased significantly from a 0.2 to 0.6 AP scaling ratio. However, Zoe will find it a little harder to do a one shot with 20% reduced damage on the Q splash.

zoe nerf league of legends patch 8.5


Locket of the Iron Solari

Riot has completely changed the Locket active. Instead of granting a massive shield to nearby teammates, it will now summon a protective field / area for eight seconds. This area will reduce an astonishing 35% of damage towards allies.

Note: the area is summoned around the caster and will not move.

Support items

All the support items will be receiving a minor change. Previously, the gold generation and effect on all support items would be halted when the players kill a minion / monster. However, Riot will be providing some leeway, where only MUITIPLE kills will halt gold generation and Favor / Spoils of War / Tribute.

Other changes

League of legends tower

First tower gold

Thankfully, the first tower gold change in the PBE has been reverted from 200g to 300g. This will allow ‘first tower gold’ to remain as a significant goal in the early game and punishing unsuccessful roams.

New skins


Resistance Illaoi

Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath

Bullet Angel Kai’Sa

League of legends shop patch 8.5

Your shop

Riot’s personalised discount shop, ‘Your shop’, has returned to the PBE. It has yet to be confirmed when it will roll out on the live servers, however, it is likely to hit next patch.

Your shop offers six discounted champion skins based on your own match history. It is recommended you spam the champions you wish to receive a discounted skin for in the coming days / week!

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