When is Teamfight Tactics releasing?

Initially teased a week ago, Riot announced they will be releasing their “new game mode”, Teamfight Tactics. This is set to be one of the biggest additions to the game. Since its announcement, many have already drawn a direct comparison to Dota 2’s chess while also criticizing Riot for copying and ripping off the game.


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Launch dates

Teamfight Tactics will first release on the Public Beta Environment, more commonly known as the PBE. Here, PBE testers will first try the game and give Riot feedback before its launch to the main servers. The PBE server is restricted for the average player. Instead, those wanting to join the PBE will have to apply to test, with Riot holding a limited number of new testers. Currently, Teamfight Tactics is expected to release on 18th of June to the PBE.

Following a week on the PBE, Teamfight Tactics has been announced to hit the live servers in its full form on the 25th of June.

How do you play Teamfight tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s attempt to engage with the upcoming Auto battlers game genre. Before each round, the player will gain “gold”, which is required to recruit champions. These champions will then be placed on a board by the player before battling another opponent’s board. The placed champions will automatically attack, however, their initial positioning will be critical to whether you win or lose.

As the game progresses, the strategy involved dramatically increases, with champions unlocking special “trait bonuses” if they share either share the same origin or class as another champion. Combining three of the same champions will create a “super” version, while combining three “super” versions will create an “ultimate” version.

The game will contain you, along with seven other opponents. However, you will only be placed against a single opponent at a time.

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