Why League of Legends is not available in India?

If you’re wondering why League of Legends is not available in India, let’s see what happened that caused such a result.

league of legends india

Image credit: Riot Games

The reasons why League of Legends is not available in India

Riot Games is known to have developed various servers across the world to allow its player base to enjoy the League of Legends experience in the best way possible. By having different servers spread internationally, players can have lower ping regardless of the country they come from.

China is the country with the highest number of servers, counting a total of 29 hosts across the country, guaranteeing the lowest latency possible in most of the games. This is quite different from India which despite having a similar population in size, still hasn’t got its known personal server. While this is also due to the different behaviors toward PC video games, it’s quite weird to see India not getting a server.

How do Indian players play LoL?

There is only one answer: play on other servers. This means that those who are playing from the country will have to find a way to create an account on another server and play LoL with other players.

Unfortunately, this also means that India will get a higher ping than average, considering that the closest server available is the SEA server, which has gone back to Riot’s hands at the end of 2022, after being managed by Garena in the past few years. Alternatively, they can try to open an account on the Vietnamese server, although they would likely encounter a major language barrier.

It’s also likely that Indian players will have to play with a VPN to get access to those servers. The same applies to League of Legends’ mobile version, Wild Rift. But considering the large player base of mobile players in India, which amounts to nearly 200 million players, it may be on its way a lot sooner than we might expect.

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