League of Legend’s Wolf retires from professional play

Lee Jae Wan, more commonly known as Wolf by the League of Legends community has officially announced his retirement from professional play. This “retirement” means Wolf will no longer play on stage, however, he will continue to remain in the League of Legends scene for the foreseeable future.

Lee jae wan, Wolf, League Of Legends Player Retirement

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Wolf started his career with Najin shield, one of the top Korean powerhouses at the time. He then moved on to Chunnam Tech, a university team, where he stayed for a single split.

In October of 2013, he signed with SK Telecom T1 S. While the team had performed decently, the were overshadowed by sister team, SK Telecom T1 K. It was not until the end of 2014 where life really started to turn around for Wolf, representing the moment he got signed to SKT’s combined main team, SK Telecom T1. There he would go on to win 2 world championships, and repeatedly dominate the LCK.

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Future plans

Wolf has yet to announce any concrete future plans following his retirement. However, he will likely focus on his Twitch stream, continuing the provided entertainment for his fans.

Streaming on Twitch has been the most common path for retired professional players, with a handful finding huge success. Streaming has some big money involved, whether it be through donations, subscription revenue or sponsorships. Many streamers also find much more success on twitch compared to their days during pro play, and without the stress of pro play. It’s no surprise that many ex-pros have moved to a streaming career.

That said, Wolf had previously stated he would wish to enter either a coaching role, or become one of Riot’s casters. This would allow Wolf to pass on his wide amount of experience and perspective down. Kkoma, SKT‘s former longest standing coach and heart of the team had also previously been a pro player before his star transition as a coach.

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