Wukong – Rework revealed for the Monkey King!

Riot’s first champion rework, following their announcement that they’ll be shifting their focus away from existing reworks, and create new champions instead.


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Passive – Now Wukong has two parts to his passive.

  1. Dealing damage to Wukong or his clones will apply a single stack of debuff to enemies who will take an additional 4% damage from Wukong or his clones, targets may receive up to five debuff stacks.
  2. When three or more enemies are visible within 1400 range, Wukong gains a fair amount of base and scaling armor / magic resistance, increasing as Wukong levels up and builds tankier items. This armor / magic resistance bonus will last for 6 seconds, and renew whenever three or more champions are in range.

Q – No longer grants an armor debuff, and will instead heal Wukong for a small amount. New passive added, where Wukong will be granted 125 bonus attack range on his next auto attack after casting any spell, not just Q.

W – Clone auto attacks nearby enemies, dealing 50% of Wukong’s damage, but no longer explodes to deal magic damage at the end of its duration. Clone will stay active between 2.5 – 5 seconds based on level, however, invisibly portion of the ability remains the same. Note, pressing “S” will stop the clone’s actions, allowing for greater kiting potential.

E – Wukong’s clones are now interactable and can block incoming skill shots. E now has a larger strike range around its main target to increase confusions. However, AD ratio has been dramatically decreased from 0.8 to 0.5.

R – Huge interaction change while Wukong is in Cyclone (R). Wukong can now cast other spells while Cyclone is active, while this will still cancel his ultimate, players will now not need to manually recast the R to cancel it before using other spells. This makes for much smoother game play, especially for regions with higher ping. Unlikely Riot will implement any other changes relating to Wukong’s ultimate considering it is a signature ability for the champion.

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