Zoe – The Bubbliest Girl to hit the Rift

With the release of patch 7.23, we now have another champion swarming on the Rift. Zipping around at seemingly impossible speeds, Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, is now jumping and popping out of random holes to shoot you with stars or bubble balls. One of the more entertaining champions, Zoe is something of a fresh breath in the League of Legends scene, as things have seemed grim with the recent champions, such as Ornn and Kayn, both of whom seem to have extremely dark pasts.

Zoe The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe comes in with many different abilities in her arsenal. Her passive is seen to be an amplifier on her auto attacks, much like in the way Lich Bane will activate. With each spell cast or ability used, her next auto attacks will deal extra bonus magic damage, based on her amount of Ability power. Her basic q ability is a shooting star, functioning like a slingshot. She is able to fire it away from her, and slingshot it forward, as it deals more damage based on how far it travels on the second cast.

Her E is a simple bubble which, when landing on an enemy champion, will cause them to be drowsy for a few seconds, until they fall asleep, much like if they were stunned. The difference being, when an enemy is asleep, Zoe’s next ability will deal extra damage. Although this is good, it will also wake up the opponent that is asleep. Her Ultimate is more of an annoyance, as she is able to instantly warp a short distance for a brief period, before being teleported back to her original location. Although this seems grand and all, the range is a bit short, and she still reverts back to her original position, meaning it is very obvious where she will appear. She is still able to cast and use abilities, though, so she is not completely locked out.


Her most interesting ability, though, is her W, called Spell Thief. True to its name, Zoe is able to pick up enemy summoner spells and items used, and store them for later use. This includes such things as flash, teleport, or ghost. The important thing to note is that the spells used with her ability Spell Thief are not deducted from her regular summoner spells.

For instance, if the enemy midlaner were to use their flash, Zoe would have the ability to use two different flashes: hers, as well as the one picked up from the enemy. By using these skills in unison, it seems that Zoe will be an extremely potent enemy to play against.

Her playstyle is the most interesting to say the least, as it does not follow the most traditional midlane role. As many people know, mid lane champions are broken down into burst assassins, as well as long-range consistent damage.

But, with Zoe, it seems to be more of an annoyance and trickster, as her abilities will all need to be within auto range, and yet she still needs range to get the most out of her kit. This mix of ranges will force players to learn how to dodge around fights at a much more skillful level if they wish to maximize her damage output.


Photo Credits: Riot Games