LPL Free Agency Breakdown – 2021/22 LPL Roster Updates

To round off our off-season Roster Tracker and Updates, we have the LPL, with yet another explosive transfer window. Plenty of teams are still holding the cards close to their chest, but from what we’ve seen thus far, we are in for a hectic off-season roster re-shuffle.

LPL Roster Transfers

LPL Off-Season Roster Changes 2021

A lot of players became Free Agents at the end of the season, thus spicing things up in the most competitive league in LoL Esports. Here are all the important LPL roster transfers for this off-season. Let’s go through the key transfers spicing up this off-season.

Doinb, LvMao to LNG

After a disappointing Worlds 2021 run, Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang left FunPlus Phoenix. The mid laner played for the organization in the last three years, and won the 2019 Worlds Championship with the team. Doinb earned LPL residency in 2019 after competing in the league for five years, so his value skyrocketed as he wouldn’t count as an import.

Doinb will join LNG Esports for 2022, together with former JDG support LvMao. The organization is setting up a really strong team, as fellow Korean player Tarzan will stay in the team as jungler. Not only him, but top laner Ale has been making a name for himself in the recent LPL All-Star event. LNG created a very formidable lineup, so it will be interesting to see how the team will perform in 2022.

Rookie and TheShy leave IG; TheShy teams up with SwordArt in Weibo Gaming

The legendary mid-top duo has been playing together in Invictus Gaming since 2017. Their insane individual talent led them to a world championship victory in 2018, beating Fnatic 3-0 in the Worlds Final. The team, however, was not able to defend the title a year later and failed to make it to Worlds in 2020 and 2021.

Both Rookie and TheShy became Free Agents very late into the off-season, as most teams had already confirmed their roster. As a consequence, Rookie is still FA, while TheShy was able to join Weibo Gaming, formerly known as Suning. He will replace Bin in the top lane, as the rest of the lineup will be brought over. After reaching Worlds Finals in 2020, the organization had a poor Summer Split in 2021.

With TheShy and most recently SwordArt announced on the team, Weibo Gaming will at least look to fight more in Playoffs.

Uzi looking to return to pro play, rumored to join BLG

One of the greatest players of all time and arguably the best ADC in League of Legends history is looking to make a return to competitive… Uzi is rumored to play for BLG, as the organization is setting up a very exciting roster for 2022. While it has not been confirmed yet, rumours are talking about a lineup with former TES mid laner Knight, former FPX jungler Tian and support Crisp. If the roster will actually be locked, BLG will have a very intimidating team. It might not be fighting for the top of the standings immediately, but it’s definitely a playoff level roster.


Nuguri set to take a sabbatical

According to sources close to Korizon Esports, Korean top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon will take a break from competitive League in 2022. Despite receiving offers from some LCK teams, including T1 and DAMWON Kia, Nuguri will take a sabbatical year.

Nuguri’s decision might likely come from the disappointing 2021 Worlds run with FPX, as the team was eliminated in the Group Stage. Paired with Nuguri’s past health issues, the Korean top laner is looking to recover both physically and mentally for a comeback in the near future. Despite the hiatus, Nuguri will still remain a highly contested target and will likely receive offers if he plans to return to pro play next year.

The LPL Off-Season hasn’t ended yet: many announcements are yet to come and who knows what surprises we might be getting… Anyway, the LPL is looking to be very competitive once again, as the LPL Spring Split will kick off in January. (no confirmed date, but it should be around early January)