LoL Pro League (LPL) 2022/23 Roster Shuffle Tracker & Breakdown

After a hectic off-season across the major regions, the LPL teams have also finalized their rosters for the upcoming season.

New salary Cap regulations in the LPL forced several teams to make different decisions during the off-season. With the LPL transfer window closing today, let’s check out how what moves the 17 teams have done during the break. Here is our LPL 2022/2023 Roster Tracker.

LPL Roster Shuffle

LPL Roster Tracker – Big Names leaving, New Talent rising

After a somewhat disappointing 2022 season, having lost the World Championship to Korea, the LPL is looking to bounce back in 2023. That being said, the salary cap regulations, as well as some top-tier talents leaving the regions, means that it will be up to the new talents to raise the competition once again.

Team by team, let’s break down the roster moves done by the organizations during this off-season. Even though some announcements haven’t been published yet, the changes are now locked since the transfer window closed on Dec. 14.

Anyone’s Legend

  • Top: Zdz
  • Jng: Xiaohao
  • Mid: Angel
  • ADC: Betty
  • Supp: SwordArt

After an average season by Anyone’s Legend, finishing 13th and 11th in the two regular splits, the team looked to make two changes to its 2022 rosters. Angel and SwordArt have replaced Forge and QiuQiu as the starting mid laner and support. Aside from these two, Zdz, Xiaohao and Betty have remained on the roster. With these two upgrades, the team will look to achieve a top 10 finish and hope to participate in the Spring Playoffs.

BiliBili Gaming


Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin (陈泽彬)

BLG’s 2022 season didn’t go as expected. What was considered a strong team on paper led by the ADC GOAT Uzi, ended up being a team fighting in the mid pack. Despite investing a lot of resources last year, BLG is looking committed to getting good results, picking up players that had good splits last season. The only returning member is Bin, who was traded by RNG during the mid-season break.

All the other players (Fofo, icon, Doggo and Crisp), except the two junglers can and Weiwei, have left. That said, none of the two are rumored to be the starting jungler. Instead, BLG is looking to pick up Xun from IG. Together with him, former JDG player Yagao will join as the mid laner, alongside former UP’s bot laner Elk and WBG’s support ON.

  • Top: Bin
  • Jng: Xun
  • Mid: Yagao
  • ADC: Elk
  • Supp: On

EDward Gaming

EDG will undergo a major restructuring in 2023. Having lost both Scout and Viper, the 2021 world champions will have to look for two new star players. Unfortunately for them, the mission is almost impossible since all the top players were already picked up. The mid lane position proved to be quite tricky, but it the end, former BLG mid Fofo prevailed. Jiejie and Meiko will stay as the returning members, with former LNG top Ale replacing Flandre and academy bot laner Leave taking Viper’s position.

  • Top: Ale
  • Jng: Jiejie/Junjia
  • Mid: Fofo
  • ADC: Leave
  • Supp: Meiko

FunPlus Phoenix

Earlier into the off-season, FPX lost its Korean top-jungle duo of Summit and Clid. The first one went on to join Team Liquid in NA, while Clid will become Hanwha Life’s starting jungler. In their stead, FPX will have fearness, who previously played for LGD Gaming and former OMG jungler Aki. The rest of the roster is set to remain the same, even though there’s still the possibility support Hang leaves for LNG and academy support lele gets promoted.

  • Top: fearness/xiaolaohu
  • Jng: Aki/haoye
  • Mid: Care
  • ADC: Lwx
  • Supp: lele

Invictus Gaming

Ever since they won the World Championship in 2018, Invictus Gaming have been on a downward trajectory, losing their star players and having to go for young talents. This year is not that different, even though IG is one of the few teams to have imported two Korean players: jungler GIDEON And Dove. The first was the substitute jungler on KT Rolster, while the other had a decent split on Liiv SANDBOX. They will be joined by top laner yskm, who is known for being a great strongside player. In one way or the other, he is similar to TheShy and it will be exciting to see whether he can inherit the throne on IG.

  • Top: yskm
  • Jng: Gideon
  • Mid: Dove
  • ADC: Ahn
  • Supp: Wink
Dove IG

Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon (김재연)

JD Gaming

This is the team that most LPL fans will put their hopes on at the international stages. After finishing in the top four at Worlds, JDG decided to go even bigger, bringing in star player knight and one of the greatest ADCs in the world, former Gen.G player Ruler. The two have replaced Yagao and Hope respectively, making this the most stacked roster in the entire league. Look forward to how they will dominate the league.

  • Top: 369
  • Jng: Kanavi
  • Mid: knight
  • ADC: Ruler
  • Supp: Missing

Image Credits via @HupuEsports

LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming is one of the few teams that made a complete rebuild of its roster. All the players from last season have left, with the exception of Jinjiao, who had a decent 2022 season. The organization is investing in the rookies, giving them a chance to prove their worth in the top Chinese League. Xiaoxu was previously the top laner of RNG’s academy team, Meteor used to play for BLG, xqw has been promoted from LGD’s academy and LPC was on JDG’s academy team. It’s not much different from last year, but LGD is hoping to see a new superstar make an exploit.

  • Top: Xiaoxu
  • Jng: Meteor
  • Mid: xqw
  • ADC: LPC
  • Supp: Jinjiao

LNG Esports

Despite losing Doinb who is going to take a split off, LNG was able to put together a good roster for 2023. Tarzan has remained on the team as the starting jungler, with his fellow compatriot Scout in the mid lane position. Zika will join from Invictus Gaming, with academy bot laner LP and FPX’s Hang forming the new bot lane. Overall, this team is intriguing and it might make the milestone of reaching Worlds that wasn’t achieved in 2022.

  • Top: Zika
  • Jng: Tarzan
  •  Mid: Scout
  • ADC: LP
  • Supp: Hang
Hang LpL

Fu “Hang” Ming-Hang (付明航)

Oh My God

It’s rare to see a team stick together for more than a year, even more so in a league like the LPL. Yet, OMG decided to keep all of its players and only make changes to the coaching staff. Former FPX Despa1r has joined and will be the leader of the team. After finishing in the top 10 last split, OMG is looking to repeat the same results this year. If there’s a player you need to be hyped about for this team, it’s surely shanji, who was considered the best rookie of the year.

  • Top: shanji
  • Jng: Aki
  • Mid: Creme
  • ADC: Able
  • Supp: Jerry

Rare Atom

Rare Atom have changed its bot lane of iBoy and yuyanjia with the youngster Assum (previous LGD ADC) and former TT Gaming support Southwind. They also brought in support player bkr from the academy team. RA had a disastrous end to the 2022 season, ending 16th with a 4-12 score. That was probably the reason why they felt like they needed a change of air. That said, the team will still likely end up in the mid-pack at best.

  • Top: Cube
  • Jng: Leyan
  • Mid: Strive
  • ADC: Assum
  • Supp: Southwind/bkr

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up are only making one roster move to its 2022 roster, despite the early rumors that the team was going to change drastically. Wei, GALA and Ming will all stay on the roster, while Xiaohu left and will be replaced by the academy’s mid Tangyuan. The guy, who started playing competitively on Royal Club in February, will be the starting mid laner in the LPL for one of the greatest organizations in China. Regardless of how he performs, he will be a player to watch out for in 2023.

  • Top: Breathe
  • Jng: Wei
  • Mid: Tangyuan
  • ADC: Gala
  • Supp: Ming

Image Credits via @HupuEsports

Team WE

Team WE were dead last in LPL Summer 2022, going 0-16 during the regular split. The lack of results have forced the org to make important switches: View, Xing and Kedaya have been relegated back to the academy team. In their stead, Team WE picked up Heng in the jungle position and the bot lane duo of Hope and Iwandy. Heng comes from the LDL team Young Miracles, known for producing star-class players like Ming, Tian, and Knight. Hope is the former JDG ADC who went to Worlds, while Iwandy previously played for LNG. With their addition, Team WE should have better chances of coming out of the bottom pack.

  • Top: BiuBiu/Demon
  • Jng: Heng
  • Mid: Shanks
  • ADC: Hope
  • Supp: Iwandy

TT Gaming

TT had one of the worst start to its 2022 season, ending last during the spring split. Therefore, during the break, they revamped its roster, bringing in beichuan and Hoya which allowed them to finish 12th place in Summer. TT have decided to make a small upgrade on its bot lane, hiring former WBG ADC huanfeng and former IG support XiuLiu who, however, is set to start as substitute. While it’s not a top team on paper, it will be interesting to see whether coach NONAME (former OMG coach) can bring them into playoff contention.

  • Top: Hoya
  • Jng: beichuan
  • Mid: Ucal
  • ADC: Huanfeng
  • Supp: yaoyao/XinLiu

Image Credits via @HupuEsports

Top Esports

This is another strong team that the LPL will field in the upcoming season. Despite mid laner knight leaving the team, TES got their hands on an equally strong player: the 2018 world champion Rookie. He’s the only change that TES have made over the offseason which should make the preparation and transition better. Considering that TES were knocked out at the Worlds group stage, the players are eager to prove themselves that it was just an accident.

  • Top: Wayward/Qingtian
  • Jng: Tian
  • Mid: Rookie
  • ADC: JackeyLove
  • Supp: Mark

Ultra Prime

For some of the old generation of fans, UP’s roster is surely one of the most exciting ones in the league. They have gotten rid of the entire 2022 roster and will field five new players. Former IG players Ning and Baolan have reunited in UP as the starting jungler and support, with ADC Doggo making a trio of experienced players. Alongside them, UP will have Qing who comes from FPX’s academy team, and substitute top laner Hery who should replace Zoom as the starting player.

  • Top: Hery
  • Jng: Ning
  • Mid: Qing
  • ADC: Doggo
  • Supp: Baolan

Image Credits via @HupuEsports

Victory Five

Speaking of Zoom, the top laner is set to join Victory Five, a team that will only have Photic as the returning member. We mentioned Karsa and Rookie finding new teams while Rich and ppgod are probably going to be free agents for the first part of the split. Aside from Zoom, V5 will promote XLB and Dream in the jungle and mid lane, two players that already had some stage experience in 2022, and Zhuo who returns to professional play after almost a one-year break.

  • Top: Zoom
  • Jng: XLB
  • Mid: Dream
  • ADC: Photic
  • Supp: Zhuo

Weibo Gaming

If JDG is the super roster in the LPL, then WBG should be the number two team in the league. If the rumors are confirmed, then the team is going to be a title contender right off the bat. TheShy in the top lane, Karsa in the jungle and Xiaohu as the starting mid is one of the best trios you could ever put together based on their experiences and individual talent. With Light and Crisp eager to prove themselves after a mediocre year, WBG have got all the right cards to fight in the LPL.

  • Top: TheShy
  • Jng: Karsa
  • Mid: Xiaohu
  • ADC: Light
  • Supp: Crisp

Image Credits via @HupuEsports