The Magifelix Wilcard – What it means for Misfits Gaming

After his 2021 stint on Astralis as a starter, mid laner MagiFelix has officially joined Misfits Gaming as their substitute for both the org’s LEC and LFL team. His new team secured fourth in the regular season, and is scheduled to meet Rogue in the Playoffs.

Will the new addition to the roster provide a much needed change of style and diversity to the team, or will he just sit on the margins for the duration of the season?

Misfits Magifelix

Carl “MagiFelix”Boström

MagiFelix joins Misfits Gaming as their multi-role substitute

On March 2, Misfits announced they are signing the Swedish mid laner as a multi-role substitute.

He spent most of his 2021 season on Astralis, before leaving the organization in September following the end of the Summer Split. During the off-season, MagiFelix could not find a LEC team, which led to him focusing primarily on the League of Legends EUW SoloQueue. Overall, his results are pretty extraordinary, especially considering the time he spent in order to get Rank 1 on the EU server. Since February, MagiFelix has been at the top of the ladder, peaking at 1988 LP, one win away from surpassing the 2k mark. Despite dropping a few hundred points, he’s still currently the Number 1 with 1789 LP, more than 100 LP ahead of the second place Agurin (jungler).

However, what’s really special about MagiFelix is that he has shown to have reached Challenger on multiple accounts while playing all five roles. Considering how hard it is to get to the top of the ladder on one role, MagiFelix’s feat is astonishing.

Misfits Gaming have managed to lock a playoff spot in the LEC 2022 Spring Split, and with that came the decision to sign MagiFelix. Having said that, why did Misfits sign him, considering that the team has Vetheo, who is in talks for the MVP of the split? Let’s find out.

MagiFelix is an extremely valuable asset

Just like the organization has mentioned in their official announcement, MagiFelix will primarily be the sub for the two rosters competing under the Misfits name. In case they need a substitute player, MagiFelix can come in at any time without creating many issues as the player will already be partially integrated into the teams.

The difference, however, is that MagiFelix can theoretically fill any position and perform at a high enough level. His SoloQ experience, as well as his understanding of the game, goes beyond what normal players usually have. Essentially, the Swedish player can be a jack-of-all-trade at any given time Misfits want. Not only that, but he can also provide additional insights as a positional coach for every single position. MSF made a very smart move since he can basically work with everyone at an individual level without having to hire 5 different people.

While we don’t expect MagiFelix to return to the LEC this split, the organization is protecting itself from any inconvenience for the rest of the 2022 season. He might not be a starter, but MagiFelix is certainly the kind of player you would like to have as the 6th man.

Given how locked Misfits is in their current play-style, a surprise sub-out during a series is not out of the question. Either way, this is one of the best signings the organization could have made during the season, and I certainly hope they utilize his skill set come Playoffs.