Microsoft joins forces with a thriving Web3 project StarHeroes

Microsoft in 2022 are one of the technology market’s leading names as they have paved the way for the development of digital and physical media.

StarHeroes is an up and coming blockchain project that has been able to catch the eyes of both investors and gamers with Microsoft swooping in to seal the deal.

Joining Microsoft will see this project touching shoulders with titles such as Forza Motorsport and Sea of Thieves as they share Azure PlayFab.

Microsoft’s intervention into Web3 will see an industry shift in the status quo, promoting big name companies to dive into the new possibilities blockchain technology can bring to the gaming and entertainment industry.


Image Credits | Bitcoinist

What is StarHeroes?

StarHeroes is a 3rd person shooter set in space. Players are treated to a huge world that they can explore in multiplayer game modes.

There are aspects to the title that will seem appealing to all types of gamers, the most notable one being the play-to-earn functions granting players access to FIAT currency from gaming.

Better yet this title is free to play, and you do not have to invest money to earn just your time!

Something many play-to-earn titles lack is the accessible gameplay and rewards.

Another exciting aspect to this title is the competitiveness where players aim to build the strongest fleet, battling it out with others.

PvP titles have proven historically to attract the most amount of engagement setting StarHeroes up for potential future success.

As always NFTs play a huge part in the gameplay creating new ways to approach the game and incentivises further play.

StarHeroes has its own in-game currency players collect through completing different challenges. These are called $STAR and are not readily available before the games full release, therefore you must be on the ball if you want to maximise your STAR balance.


Image Credits | StarHeroes

Who is behind StarHeroes?

There is no officially branded team being noted on StarHeroes creation. The group that is behind this title have had extensive experience when developing triple A gaming titles in the not so distant past.

Members of StarHeroes have been reported to have worked with CD Projekt RED. This is the same company behind majorly successful titles The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.

The above titles have gathered a mass following on Microsoft’s previous and most current consoles, which may explain the relationship being formed for this Web3 title.

Before Microsoft decided to collaborate with StarHeroes, their team had been working on the title for 2 years, garnishing a strong social media presence spread over primarily Twitter Discord.

Having this active community for a title that is yet to be fully released further adds to the potential StarHeroes have when fully released to a wider, more mainstream audience.

As time progresses there are also talks for the game to be adapted to fit in with competitive esports competitions and leagues. Doing so will attract even more outsiders due to the constant expenditure of the competitive gaming industry.